Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I can't wait!!!

I am so excited!! My brother is bringing my neice for a short visit today!! LOL He will be out working, so I get to spend some quality time with her!! I don't get to see her that much, so this is going to be such a treat!! I can't wait to get one of those hugs I love so much from her! Her and I bonded when she was really young, and so now even though we don't get to see each other near as much, we love our time spent together....ok, I love our time spent together, and I think she still does!! ROFL Least I hope she does! Anyway, I am really looking forward to her visit!! She will be 16 in less than a month, which I just can't get over! It doesn't seem possible, but then, I keep saying that! LOL So needless to say I probably won't be getting much scrappin done this week, but this time I won't mind!!

And Kori, thanks for your comment on my last entry, and yeah, thats the kind of border I would love to find for my kitchen, just strawberries, vines, and flowers, delicate ones, not big fat ones that totally fill it up!!. On a white background, with maybe little red lines at the top....and the bottem needs to be cutout to follow the strawberries and vines, or at the very least be scalloped along the bottom! ROFL I did find one that would work, although it wasn't perfect, but it was no longer being made they said. OF COURSE!! Oh well I will prob never find the perfect one, and if I do, won't be able to afford it. Thats usually the way it goes!! I'm sure if I ever do find it, I will be posting it on here!!

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