Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And then there were four...again!

We thought we were thinning our herd...but someone who Galen had talked to a while back, called out of the blue, and said they had one they would like to we got another cow.  ROFL

About a week after Daisy left, we were sitting in the living room chatting when hubbies phone rang. He talked for a little while, told the people on the other end, he's have to talk to me then hung up.

I asked what THAT was about, and he said it was someone he had talked to several months ago, who had a cow for sale.

I laughed, and then asked how much...figuring it was sky high, knowing how the prices seemed to be going up...and up...every time I checked out craigslist.

He told me, and I replied..."whats wrong with her", cause it was pretty low, less than half of what I'd been seeing them for. Less than we paid for Daisy when we got her several years ago when cows WERE lower in price.

I guess she had a mild case of mastitis...she was located at an organic Amish dairy, so either they couldn't give her what most people do, and still be considered organic, or just wanted to get her out of their herd, if she was going to be having that trouble...I don't know just what was going on there, but we'd had good luck using Raw Apple Cider vinegar with cows that had hubby wasn't real worried about THAT issue.

Since I was tired of not having milk (cause our cows dried themselves up late last year, hopefully cause they were pregnant) and hubby wanted her...we decided to get her since she WAS cheap! She was still in milk...although is suppose to have a calf in July, so should be drying up soon, so least I could start having some more milk for butter, ice cream and cheese! Poppy, our latest cow purchase. She was rather dirty when we got her as you can see...but has since gotten clean now she is out on good pasture enjoying what spring brings to this neck of the woods...nice fresh green grass!!

So...we are back to four cows again. *sigh* No sign of more calves least we only have two in milk so far...but hopefully that will change. LOL Course...who knows, we may decide to sell one of our other ones...depending on how much trouble they get into. LOL Will see how it goes, as the year progresses. Just had to laugh, that yet again, we got a new cow...hubby just CAN'T cut down on how many we have...even if he's not really wanting to milk that many.

Poppy really has turned out to be a good cow...I think she is hubby's favorite!  Her very MILD case of mastitis cleared right up with the apple cider vinegar hubby put on her food...and we got to start keeping her milk, much to the cats sorrow.  Their warm breakfast they had been getting while we didn't use the milk, turned into the leftover COLD milk I had after skimming the cream and making cheese.  LOL

 Poppy got her name cause at the time we got her, I was learning to use alcohol markers (cheap ones so far) to blend colors together on a picture and get one that has different shades, where shadows and all would be. I happened to be coloring a poppy at the time, so said..."we could name her Poppy" and it kinda stuck. LOL  (Remember, we have been naming all our girls flower names.)

Thankfully our cow money is gone we can't afford any more, if someone offers to sell us one hubby will just have to say NO!  ;-))

I think that's all the cow news caught up now...that I can remember anyway.  The "flowers" of our farm are doing well!!  :-))

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goodbye Daisy

We sold my favorite cow to our neighbor lady.  She was wanting a cow, and I knew she couldn't afford much...also thought Galen wanted to thin out our herd, and with Daisy being the oldest, figured she had to be the one to go.  So... I gave the lady a good deal on her, since I knew she couldn't afford much.  Least she is close, so we can still see her!  (She had a baby girl a few months after we sold the lady got a two for one deal!!  I was hoping it would be a girl.)

After last year, when we had at least three cows in milk at the same time, I knew my hubby wasn't really wanting to HAVE to milk so I started thinking we needed to cut down on how many we had (we had 4 that were of the age to be able to give us babies).   He since my cow Daisy was the oldest one we had, we figured we'd get rid of her if we ever got around to selling one.

It kept getting put off...cause after all she was my FAVORITE cow...and I guess I just wasn't quite ready to let her go.  Then, I think it was November or December of last year, our neighbor lady was over, and we were talking about cows...and she mentioned she wanted to get one...but didn't know how she could for a while.  Knowing how strapped for cash she was (being a single Mom with 3 kids still at home) I mentioned we could give her a good price for an older cow with a few issues, but nothing that should be a major problem...she would make a great starter cow at the very least.

Since she did have a bag issue from being bit from her last calf...and since she has to be at LEAST 10 years old, I figured we could sell her for cheaper than most are going for on craigslist (it's hard to find one for less than 2000 on there now, YIKES!).  Since we've gotten several calves from Daisy, I figured we got our money out of her...and could help out our neighbor lady in the process...yet still charge her something, so she didn't feel like a charity case.    I would have asked for more, had we sold her on Craigslist, after all she was it was a two for one deal.  However, we all agreed on a LOW price and that we could take it in a couple payments, since she didn't have that much at the time.

Our neighbor finished paying for her in February...and when the weather was good...and hubby had the time, he loaded Daisy up to take her down to her new home...just down the road, where we could also visit if we wanted to.  I was still sorry to see her go...even though I'd had time to become used to the idea, but I was happy she would be close.  But...least we were down to three cows, instead of 4!

We have answered questions from time to time...and when Daisy dropped her calf, we went down to help get her back into the barn...and check on her.  She was doing fine...and she had a little girl!  So, now the neighbor lady has a backup for when Daisy gets to old to have calves...which is what I was hoping would happen.

Gotta love it when things turn out like you hoped they would...especially when you are trying to help someone out!  God is Good!!!

So...that makes two baby girls out of the cows we own or at least owned at the time they were bred, this year!  What will the other ones have...if they EVER get around to having one this year!  LOL  That is the question...we will just have to wait and see!!!  ;-))

Monday, May 25, 2015

First things first!

Our first calf of the year...hopefully we will have a few more.  This one was a little girl.

We had a calf born in April this year!! It was a little girl, and she is totally adorable!! You KNOW how much I love our farm babies...this is the first one of the year. So far, she is the only one...but hopefully some of our other girls will be giving us some babies sometime this summer! It's hard to tell if some of them are pregnant...but I'm sure hoping ALL of them are!! :-))

This little one will be sold once she is able to be weaned.  I totally think it's better for them to stay on their Mom till then, as it gives them a better start and a better chance of living a long happy life!  So...we don't sell them till they are wean-able...even though plenty of people do and plenty of people successfully buy a bottle calf and raise it, I just prefer that our precious farm babies stay here till they are able to eat solid food!  ;-))  That's not to say I might not sometime...if we HAD to, sell one early...just that I prefer not to.

But...really...isn't that little thing so adorable?!!  ;-))  It's so nice to see her scampering around playing and enjoying life!

More to come on my updates...just had to sneak this one in FIRST...cause I do love our farm babies!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Paper Crafting is addicting!

My very first step card, that I made with dies from Cherry Lynn Designs, which I got for my birthday.

I know, I's been a LONG time since I blogged! I just got into learning to make cards, and while I did take a few photos...I forgot to get them off my camera, so I didn't think to blog either. *giggle* I DID finally get some off my hopefully in the next few days I can do at least one update post. *sigh* We will see how things go though. LOL

This post however, will be about a card I made, as I want to enter it in a challenge I saw on  the Cherry Lynn Designs blog and I think I have to blog with it not just post it in a if you aren't into paper crafting, you probably won't care to read this catch ya later!! ;-))

My very first step card, that I made with dies from Cherry Lynn Designs, which I got for my birthday.

I made my first step card today!! I've been seeing them a lot, on my journey of learning to make my own cards, just hadn't gotten around to making one yet. They even have dies out there that will cut out and score the step cards...but I don't have any of them, so did all that myself.

I'm still not as good as a lot of people are with this card making thing...and have trouble "arranging" things on my card at times...but have made several I really like, and have a lot of fun with it anyway. :-))

My very first step card, that I made with dies from Cherry Lynn Designs, which I got for my birthday.

One of my favorite things to do, is make paper flowers and use them on cards. I don't use them on every card...guess that would get old after awhile...not to mention, making them different since I suck at arranging them would be hard for me to do...but I do have fun with them when I can.

I got several dies for my birthday this month from Cherry Lynn Designs, and used several on this card along with a wood grain embossing folder from Sizzix.  The dies I used were: Sunflower, barbed wire, tiny fanciful flourish & mini butterflies.  I got lazy, so instead of cutting the middle of the sunflower out of brown cardstock, I just colored the yellow one brown with a bic marker, it seemed to work quite well. LOL

While I may not be the best at creating "to die for" cards, and don't have much hope I'll win this challenge prize...I'm still learning, and having lots of fun at it, so guess that's all that is important!  I've learned a lot in the last three months that I've been doing this about making cards.  I'm sure I still have LOTS to learn...but that's part of the fun!

If you made it this far...thanks for looking!  I'll try to do a post or two of catching up with photos...we've had a lot going on, it's  just my free time has been spent at my craft table, or if I'm on the computer I'm watching card making video's or reading about making cards...and totally forgetting about this thing I used to love called blogging!  *giggle*

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New (almost old) hobby.

I'm having way to much fun with my new hobby of making my own cards!  Learning a lot...this one I made with one one particular in mind...actually I started out not planning on making a card,  just learning to make flowers...and loved them so much I had to put them on a card.  ;-))

I've been spending any spare time lately, learning how to "paper" scrap, so I can make some cards with some of Clara's scrapbooking papers I got, while helping my brother clean out her craft room. I never really thought I'd "paper" scrap, cause while it's pretty, I don't really like my photo albums to have all that raised stuff on the page, that makes the albums not close to well. However, after receiving several wonderful cards from a friend who makes her own...and my brother wanting to get rid of his late wife's scrapbooking supplies, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn to make my OWN cards!

I really should have known's not like I don't have enough OTHER hobbies to keep me busy, I shouldn't have thought "I could make a few of my own cards with this stuff." and think it would end at that! *giggle* ESPECIALLY since I'm a recovering DIGITAL scrapaholic! I say recovering, since I haven't done to much of that for several years. ;-)) I should have known, that ANY form of scrapbooking would be addicting to me...but for some reason I didn't think making cards would be. Silly me! *giggle*

It's all I've thought about lately..."I could do this"....or "that"...or "I'd rather be playing with my paper"....or "when can I take a break and go play".  *sigh*  Yep...scrapbooking in ANY bad for me...or least bad for my productivity (and pocketbook).  *giggle*

I'm having way to much fun with my new hobby of making my own cards!  Learning a lot...this one I made with one one particular in mind...actually I started out not planning on making a card,  just learning to make flowers...and loved them so much I had to put them on a card.  ;-))

This is my latest card. Its the first one I made without a destination in mind for it. LOL I was just learning to make little flowers last night...liked how they turned out so well I had to stick them on a card! So...if you end up recieving this card from me, and have already seen it here act surprised! LOL I just had to share...and since I didn't know for sure who I'd give it to figured oh well...maybe whoever it is won't have seen it, and if they did...OH WELL! ;-))

Poor Galen...least with digital, I didn't have stuff strung all over his (and my) desk, when I was I scrap on the back half of his desk...and I'm going to run out of room to store all my supplies and tools, if I ever manage to get all I want (which I realize won't happen...since I keep finding things I want...but still.  LOL).   We need to add onto our house, so I can have more room and have a dedicated scrapping/jewelry making desk!  *giggle*

I could chuck our day bed, and use the area it's in...but haven't gotten around to totally thinking that's a good idea yet.   *sigh*  What if we NEED it?  (Like we have that many people over who need to spend the night. LOL)  It isn't comfy right now, but could be with a new I hate to get rid of it...but it's sure looking tempting, when I think of what I could do with that SPACE!  hehehe  ;-))

This was the 2nd card I made...thought it didn't turn out to bad, for someone who didn't really know what they were doing AND who didn't have many tools to do it with!  LOL  I made it for my Dad.

The card above is the 2nd one I made. I made it for my Dad's birthday. It's not perfect...but I was happy with it, considering it was only my 2nd...and I hadn't acquired the "good" tools yet. ;-))  I still haven't got all the "tools" I hope to get, but have gotten a few more since I made this card, and sure am enjoying them!

I just thought I'd share what I've been up to lately, when I'm not busy doing other things.  It's keeping me from blogging...and getting into my soap room, so next week, I'm going to HAVE to get busy in there.  (This week I'm doing a little extra cleaning and organizing when I'm not playing...or I'd get into my soap room this week LOL).

As for blogging...well...obviously, that's not going to happen all that often, the way life has been the past year or guess that's my new normal!  While I haven't got a problem with being bored (AT ALL!), sharing my life on my blog makes it seem boring...cause I don't have much to share that is "new" I don't "get around" to doing it as much as I used to!  LOL  Guess if I was taking more photos I might...but even that has slowed down a bit for some reason.  If I ever get back to doing that more, you may see more of me on here!

So...till next time, hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!  ;-))

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Crazy for Carrots

Pearl hoping for some carrots.

"Do I smell CARROTS?"

Still searching for those elusive carrots.

"How about you?...YOU have to have some for me!!"

Poor Pearl...she just wasn't getting her beloved carrots.

"Someone has to have some...where are they?!"

Pearl...trying to will me to give her some carrots.

Pearl...using the "force" trying to WILL us to give her some carrots.

Pearl, realizing that she may be getting some carrots!

Is it? ... Could it be?

Pearl finally getting her wish...using the force worked on Galen anyway!  LOL

"Oh Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Pearl finally getting her wish...using the force worked on Galen anyway!  LOL

"I'll fight you for it! LET GO  of MY carrot!"

Monday, February 02, 2015

The Personal Touch

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

I've known for a while now, that when it's my parents time to go, they wanted a super simple ceremony, with a homemade casket and the personal touch of us getting them ready for burial. I have to admit, I've been somewhat on the fence about that, mostly cause I wasn't sure I could handle the hands on part. Now I know I can...although for me it will be harder with my parents of course, since I'm closer to them.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

While I love the old fashioned ways for the most part...doing an old fashioned funeral was never on my list things I wanted to do.  You know...where you use a homemade casket...and the women get the body ready for burial?  Seriously....Me?  NOT!  However, I'm also a firm believer in, you do what ya have to do, and since that's what Mark wanted...and I knew Mom couldn't do it herself, that meant it was up to me to help.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

So since it's what my brother wanted, that morning that Clara died, my hubby went in and purchased the wood that was needed for the homemade casket, while my Dad was doing other things in preparation for the funeral the next day (a snow storm was forecast for we couldn't wait till Saturday to have it).  Then, when hubby got the wood home, my Dad started making the casket...while Galen and I went back to our house, to get ready to have people over after the funeral.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

Once the casket was made, it was brought into the house, where Clara was laying, still in her bed.  We lined it with a pretty soft blanket, placed a pillow in one end, then placed Clara into it with the help of a lift and the guys.  Mom and I then went to work getting her "dressed" in her tartan skirt and shirt that went with it and fixing her hair.  Since it's the first time I'd ever done anything like that, I was not really sure what I was doing...but we managed to fake it, and things turned out pretty good I'd say.  Least everyone was satisfied with how she looked anyway. Most of all I discovered I really COULD handle giving that personal touch to the end of someone's life.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

The next day, we gathered at the old country cemetery, where three of my grandparents are buried, along with my beloved Uncle and baby niece. Dad had hired someone to come open the grave, since the ground was frozen...and we are all old enough we don't need to try to dig a hole by hand anyway. Family and friends joined us as we said our last goodbyes to Clara. Bagpipes playing Amazing Grace played on our car stereo at one point during the service.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

The pastor who married Mark and Clara (as well as Hubby and I...he is the Dad of my best friend from high school) did the service, with a touch here and there from another pastor friend that my brother went to school with. My brother stood by Clara throughout the service in his kilt. I naturally wandered around from time to time snapping photos...that's my beloved Uncle's influence showing, as he would take them at funerals too.

A simple yet more personal ceremony was held the day after Clara died before a snow storm moved in the next day.

Once the service was over, people viewed the casket if they wanted, then it was closed, and several of the men who were there grabbed a rope and helped lower the casket into the grave.

You all may ask, if this was legal. To be sure it was, we asked the coroner what we could and couldn't do before we even got started...and he was there at the funeral to oversee yes, it was all legal, least in this state.

After the casket was in the grave, hubby, Mom and I headed out to our house, with some of the people following, for the after funeral meal while my Dad stayed behind to bury the casket. He came after he was done and we all enjoyed time with friends and family till after dark that night.

It may have been a simple service...and it was certainly way less expensive...but it's the personal touch I keep being drawn back to. I'm glad now, that I was able to be in on it ALL.  I'm thankful for all the family and friends who came that day on short notice also, to help us say goodbye, and give us a few happier memories for the day too.

All in all, I think it went well...and while it may not be what everyone would want...I'm not opposed to it at all now...and kinda like the idea of the personal touch myself.  :-))

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