Friday, October 17, 2014

Our "Amish" LGD

After Emery, our neighbor gave James and Abbie a buggy ride, he put his hat on Yani.  She makes such a cute Amish!  LOL

DH set it up, so that one of our Amish neighbor's would come over with his two seater buggy, and give Abbie and James a buggy ride the day before their wedding. After they returned, he let us get some photos of them in the buggy and by the horse. While I was out there with my camera he bent down to look at Yani's sore foot, and put his hat on her head...I couldn't resist getting a photo of her looking like an Amish dog! LOL

Even our animals are going "amish"...just goes to show what wonderful neighbors our Amish neighbors are...if our ANIMALS are wanting to convert!  *giggle*

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slowing down finally!

I revised this photo because Abbie wanted me to.  Not saying WHAT I did to it...but this is for you Sweetie!

Just wanted to quickly share my favorite photo so far that I took at the wedding this last weekend. We are slowing down here a little bit...least I've actually been able to relax a little...but still haven't gotten all the photos ready for smugmug. Will be doing that slowly over the next week or so.

Canning is mostly done for the year now though...and while I LOVE to can, I'm rather grateful for THAT being done with again! It was a little much, mixed in with getting ready for the wedding. ;-))

It's laundry day today, so I need to get back to that...just wanted to share the photo and say I survived the wedding...although I HURT by the time we got home cause I was on my feet almost ALL day.  I MUST be getting old.  LOL  It was kinda fun thankful the cake disaster was the worst disaster...and the day went well!

Praise God for my parents though...they helped a LOT at the wedding, with the food and clean up. WAY more than they had to, to say the least, since they aren't even related to our niece since she is from hubbies side!

I am so blessed with my hubby AND my parents!  :-D

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sanity is overrated

A beautiful morning!

I caught another beautiful sunrise a couple weeks ago...just didn't get it off my camera for the longest time with everything going on. It was nice to see it when I did though...a calm breath of fresh air in the middle of working on getting everything done for the wedding.

We had a huge problem with the cake...almost a disaster, but thankfully we got it fixed by ordering one last minute...thank God for being able to, even though I REALLY didn't want to spend that money on THAT! Seriously...hopefully that's the WORST disaster, and everything else goes smoothly...or least only little things going wrong if something has to! LOL That was NOT a good day...when we discovered the cake was not happening.

Life was kinda insane THAT day...

Only two more days...and it will be over! Can't wait!! LOL Then...our 23rd anniversary is the day after the wedding, so maybe we can enjoy the day together...or crash, I'm not sure which.  LOL  I'll probably be canning more tomatoes on it will be a short crash if we do...but that's ok I guess. Life doesn't wait for recovery usually...and tomato's need canned when we have them, so we do what we have to do so we have food for the winter. :-))

Needless to say...I'm so tired...and tomorrow promises to be a LONG day...not to mention Saturday.  So...I took a little time to relax this afternoon, before the REAL insanity begins!  It was NICE!  LOL

Fall color is WAY behind this year.  There are a few trees changing...but not lots.  So sad we won't have lots of good color for wedding photos...but least most of the trees aren't hopefully they will still turn out long as my camera cooperates, and I don't turn into a complete idiot with it!  LOL

Enjoying the sane moments in our insane life...

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Small break...

Kainsley sure is growing up!  She is walking now...even on my table!  LOL

We took a small break from wedding chores (and boy are there still LOTS of THEM to do!) for a small family get together. My parents and niece and family came over for lunch today. I haven't seen my great niece since she started walking but she sure is doing a great job of that now! LOL She even managed to walk around on top of my dinning room table after lunch for a little bit.

Right after I snapped the above photo she got the cutest grin on her face...naturally AFTER I took the photo. I didn't have the camera ready to capture it either (of course). She is adorable...and full of energy and I bet she's a handful! Not seeing her very much I don't really know what she is like, but she acts like she would be. :-))

It was good to take a break from worrying about getting things done for the wedding...but now we have to get back to it, along with more tomato's to process tomorrow...I'm thankful for the tomato's, but sure wouldn't have minded a break for this week...but then I wouldn't have more for my winter's food supply, so I guess I'll take them while I can.  I am however letting a neighbor have most of our milk and cream this I don't have butter I have to stop and do!  She is grateful, as am I!  :-))

The neighbor lady is canning some of the milk she is getting this week...and told me how, so guess what!  After the wedding, I'll have to do a little of that and see how it is, so I have some for cooking with, when the cows dry up.  LOVE learning about canning new things!  :-))

Gotta run!  Abbie's wedding is in less than a week now...and there is still SO MUCH to do!  :(

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A "cute" break...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Hubby took this photo of our niece's puppy and a cat on his phone the other morning. I thought it was so cute, even though the quality of the photo leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe one of these years we will be able to get a phone that actually takes GOOD photo's...but I won't hold my breath! LOL

Loved this one even so, so thought I'd share it for a "cute" break from the canning/wedding posts I've had lately! ;-))

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Crowder State Park...looking for the best place for wedding photos I snapped this photo of the lake.

Life seems to be in chaos right now...time is slipping away, and we are so busy between the wedding and canning that I'm looking for that peaceful life we used to lead...till our niece moved in with us temporarily...which is turning into a bit longer than temporary it seems.  I love her to death...but kinda miss that boring laid back life we lead before she interrupted our peaceful existence.  LOL


Oh well...God has his plan, and I'm trying to trust him and enjoy the time we have with our niece as much as I can...even if I do get exhausted sometimes by the drama that seems to come with having her here.

We drove around looking for the perfect spot to go for some wedding photos the other day and this was one of our favorite spots!

We went to pay for the wedding venue the other day, and then drove around looking for the best place to go for wedding photos after the ceremony.  We found the perfect spot...on a bridge by the water.  It will be even more perfect if there is GOOD fall color by the wedding!

Course, I'm a little worried about being able to get good photos.  Between being out of practice, and my camera being old I sure hope I manage to get something decent on the big day.  It seems to have some strange pixels these days...and I STILL can't afford to get a new camera, so I'm still using my first dslr that I love...but it's just not the new ones I'd LIKE to have.  LOL  I so want one that will take movies too...but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.  Thankfully Abbie isn't real picky...but sadly I am, and will sure be disappointed if I can't get some good ones for her.

Abbie working on the mints for her wedding!  I've made a bunch of mints for at least three different weddings over the years, and each time Abbie got in on helping me...I guess it's fitting that we finally made them together for HER wedding.  :-))

We do have the mints made and in the freezer now...and are working on the cake. This week should see it in the freezer, and hopefully some practicing going on with frosting and cake decorating tips. LOL Before we made the mints, we went looking for new molds for making cream cheese mints cause I didn't have a heart shape and Abbie kinda wanted one but it seems that cream cheese mints are "out of style" or something, cause we couldn't find any molds in the stores and when we asked they acted like we were stupid for wanting them. LOL

 Oops, I guess I'm a bit behind the times as usual. ROFL

 That's ok, I still love the mints, even if they are not "in" at the moment. I've made them several times over the years, and each time (somehow) Abbie seemed to get in on helping to make them, so it's only fair that we finally make them together for HER wedding...even IF they are not in style.

If this wedding goes off without a hitch...I'll be somewhat surprised, but you know, it's the screw ups that make the day memorable, so thats ok.  Course, in the drama that surrounds us at times now, the wedding was canceled for a very short time...then was back on, so I guess nothing will really surprise me at this point. I can't say I will be sad for it all to be over...I want life to slow down a little bit again, so I can savor the fall color when it shows up and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Hopefully we can enjoy a peaceful fall, once the wedding is over...and maybe even, if we are lucky....get back to normal around here!  Is it even possible?!  LOL  Time will tell!

This week we have a couple dr appointments to go to, which means I won't be around to help my Mom with her tomatoes since she plans on doing more on one of the days we will be gone, but will have to get a couple bushel of apples into our freezer, between cleaning and making sure we get more done for the wedding.  I also need to decide if I actually want to BUY a few tomatoes so I can make a little more pizza sauce and maybe diced tomato's before we get a frost and the tomato's come to a stop.  I wouldn't hesitate...but I'm afraid we won't have time, so haven't decided what to do yet.

I just finished up getting some beef broth canned, cause we butchered a problem steer last week...a bit earlier than planned but it worked out good so that's ok.  I cut up almost 4 gallons of meat into cubes and turned it into corned beef and then canned it and WOW, it really turned out GOOD!! LOVE it!!  I had made it twice before with a roast, and baked it in the oven, but this time I wanted more so decided to do it this way, so it was ready to grab when we wanted some.  It really makes great corned beef hash with my home canned potatoes too!  ;-))

That's just a few of the things I've been up to the last few weeks.  No time to update most of the time, but decided to get an update in here since Abbie is gone for the weekend and I had a little time.  Course my "quick" update, turned into a short book but what else is new!  LOL    :-))

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Exciting Times!

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We've been canning up a storm here, but we've also been planning a wedding!!! Our niece is getting married, and since she is living here for now, I'm getting in on the fun!

I never thought I'd be in on planning a wedding this much since we weren't blessed with kids, but since Abbie lost her Mom this summer and is living here, I get to enjoy the fun planning and shopping trips her Mom should have been in on. She told me earlier today she didn't think she could have gotten married this fall, without our emotional support, because she misses her Mom and couldn't do the shopping trips by herself since that's something a mother and daughter usually does together. I totally understand that, cause it was fun shopping with my Mom when we did MY wedding shopping all those years ago.

I do feel for her though...cause I know I can never "replace" her Mom, and I'd never try to. Hopefully I can help ease her through this sad yet happy time though!

Abbie is just having a small wedding, but we found the venue for it and it's beautiful! If all goes well, it will be an outside wedding, with the reception inside. If it's bad weather then, we can have the wedding right there where the reception will be...but we both are hoping for good weather, and hoping the fall color is popping really GOOD when the wedding date gets here in October!

With canning still in full swing...and the wedding to plan for, needless to say we are BUSY!  Money is tight for everyone, so we are trying to do this in a frugal manner too...but yet still give her as many nice memories as possible.  My hubby (who's Mom used to own a he's had experience with making wedding cakes) will be in charge of the cake decorating.  It's been a few years since he's done that kind of thing will need to do some practicing before he starts on the cake.  LOL  However, that will save some money, AND give her a nicer, larger cake for the money which is great.

I'm going to be the official photographer (poor girl!  LOL) so hopefully I can manage to get a few nice photos for her.  I'm so out of practice we will see.  I warned her she may not get anything GOOD...but she is ok with that, so I'll just do my best.  It's not like when our other niece got married...I wasn't going to deal with her Mother so I said I wasn't going to be the "official" photographer.'s more fun that way for ME.  LOL  However...I know there is no money for a different photographer, so I will pray that God guides my hand and lets them turn out.  If it's nice weather so we can have the wedding outside, there will be a better chance that they WILL turn out, as my outside photos are usually better than the inside photos.  :-))

So anyway, cake is figured out...photographer is chosen *roll eyes*...venue is reserved...and invites are printed.  A little bit of shopping has been done...but still have lots to do as soon as we have the money together.  More plans will be made over the next little over a month, and cake and mints will be made in my humble kitchen.

Exciting times are certainly here!  Now you know what's been keeping me busy...not much extra computer time for me.  LOL  We will see if I can update at all before the wedding date gets here.  And yes...I realize I always have an excuse for not blogging lately!  *snicker*

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