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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Family wedding

Kainsley having fun running around!  She is just so cute!!

I see it's been a few months since I updated my blog again. *sigh* I think it's a lost cause trying to keep it up anymore. I get busy doing other things, and don't remember to come write in it any more. LOL Thought I'd make a quick post with a couple photos I took at my brothers wedding this last weekend though. This first one is my adorable young niece (great niece). She was having FUN running back and forth playing.

I've been busy, busy lately, getting ready for the wedding. My niece and I threw them a wedding shower the night before the wedding...and getting ready for that was keeping my busy, along with cleaning the house in case any of the relatives came over while they were here. I tell ya, I was so thankful when it was all over...we were totally lazy the day after, once our company left! LOL Did nothing at all. Not sure how I had to prepare for a wedding two years in a row...but I'm so done with weddings! ROFL

Virginia looks happy!!

This is my new Sister-In-Law!!! She seems really nice, although I haven't been able to get to know her as well as I'd have liked to. Hopefully I can as time goes on.

It was great to see those who came to the wedding.  It was just a small country wedding, at the same church hubby and I got married at, but love small country weddings.  ;-))

Looking forward to seeing all the photos from the official photographer, cause I've seen 4 and they are SOO much better than mine are.  LOL  I'm rusty....not to mention not as good at taking people photos, so am glad my brother listened to me and got this lady to do them, instead of insisting I did them like he asked me to at first.  I will admit, my inside photos turned out better than usual...but still, she came up with better ideas for photos than I would have...not to mention them looking better.  She even got my brother to SMILE!  That's unheard of in photos!  LOL

Now...I have to get ready for hubbies knee replacement surgery next month...so can't rest to long. I want to get some meals into the freezer, so when we get back I don't have to cook much right away. After his back surgery, it took me a little while to not be sleepy all the time, from the stress at the hospital, not to mention I'll have thanksgiving coming up that I will need to cook for...so would rather put my energy...what little I have...into that.

Prayers for rapid healing from his surgery would be appreciated!

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  1. My niece wore a little dress just like that but with cranberry colored petals in for our wedding when she was about that age. Lovely memories, precious pics! This post is several months old, but i hope his surgery went well! Thank you for your comment on my blogs, sister! Hugs!


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