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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The lengths my hubby will go to, to keep me laughing!

Galen got attacked by an exploding paint can yesterday...it took FOREVER to get it all off his skin and out of his hair.  ROFL  I had a good chuckle over it several times yesterday.  ;-))  Praise God his glasses prevented it from getting in his eyes!  Thankfully we were even able to get it off his glasses, so they are still usable...but even if we hadn't been able to, I'd still be thankful because they saved his eyes.  This photo is AFTER he showered the first time...so some was removed, but still had lots to go.  LOL

Yesterday, I was at my computer when I heard my hubby come in the back door, and go over to the kitchen sink...and say "I could use some help up here!"  I get up, and ask what's wrong as I go up the stairs...no answer. Wondering how bad he is bleeding, I reach the top of the steps, and see him bent over the sink. No blood showing...so I head over to him and he kinda turns a little so I can see his face and it's all black and is his hands and arms. He turns back and starts scrubbing again.

I kinda chuckle and asked "What happened!" thinking it looked like he was covered in soot, but didn't know HOW he could have managed THAT!

He said "A paint can exploded" and he continued to try and scrub it off him.  It was a loosing battle...so I chuckled again and said you need to go down and jump in the shower.  So he picked up his glasses, looked at them, then put them back down and headed down stairs.

I grabbed his glasses...and tried to clean them, but it was stuck good (they were good and covered too...both lenses were totally black)...so headed downstairs with them.  DH was in the tub already, and the paint just wasn't coming off...a little did, but not much.  The above photo is the result of the first shower...still a LOT of black left!  *giggle*

I tell you, when he tries to cover gray...he COVERS it!  ;-))

So....here he is, his face, hands and arms covered...I have some on my hands I can't get off, from his glasses and we are wondering what the heck to do...neither of us can touch anything much because we didn't want paint all over the place...and I'm still having giggle fits, every time I look at him.

So...I gingerly grab the phone and call Mom, and ask if she can google how to get paint off...since I didn't want to get paint all over my computer.  Naturally in the middle of the phone conversation Galen reminds me I COULD put gloves on.  DUH!  ROFL  So...I get some medical gloves out of the cabinet, and put them on, so least I can again touch things.

We decide to try paint thinner...which we didn't have as Galen doesn't use it, so I meet Dad part way to his house to get some he had...and Galen is going out to at least try getting some of the paint off with Gas while I'm gone.

When I got back, we went to work getting the paint off his skin, with the paint thinner...and it got some out of his hair, but it still wasn't coming out of that very good.  Galen was just SURE he was going to have to shave his beard and head...but I kept saying NO...it's working, we just have to keep trying.  Galen jumped back into the shower, to get the paint thinner off, and used laundry soap as soap since it's harsher.

I called Mom and said it worked on his skin, and she said she read to try mayonnaise to get it out of the hair, so I went up and got some and we sat with that soaking for a little bit, then he used more laundry soap, cause it was working somewhat before...and he managed to get the rest of it out of his hair.  No shaving required!

As he was drying off, hubby quipped "Real men don't use hair dye....they use paint!"  ROFL  That's my silly goofball!!

I chuckled about this ALL DAY yesterday!  It was just to funny...had me worried a time or two, cause I know paint isn't good to have on your skin...and I was so thankful that his glasses stopped it from getting in his eyes, as that would have been disastrous...but God was good and helped us get it off...and I have to say, I do LOVE laughing, so it was good to have that chuckle not to far away all day.

That event pretty much filled up my morning...slowed me down a lot, but oh boy, did it keep me entertained!  As I was headed over to help my Mom that afternoon, I stopped off at our neighbors house, to drop off a jacket he had left in our car...and I just HAD to share the photo I had on my phone of hubby with them.  *snicker*

I just HAD to share it with the neighbor...as hubby has enjoyed telling a few stories about him...so I made sure HE had a good story about hubby this time.  *giggle*  I'm sure that one will get around our little Amish community over the next few days...several others have, but that is an extremely good one!  Not to mention...the neighbor now has a printed photo to go with the story!   I printed the one from my phone (which wasn't real good...my phone doesn't take good ones) and he took it when he came over last night.  ROFL

I had a good ol time sharing that photo...sent it to my brother...two nieces...and as I mentioned showed it to our neighbor, all the while laughing my head off.  Stuff like that just doesn't happen all that much...where I can laugh at something that happened to HIM...usually it's myself I have to laugh at...so it was good to have the tables turned for a change!  :-))

Poor hubby...he may be the talk of the neighborhood for a few days now...oh wait...he already has been!  He's famous with the Amish around here, they get a kick out of him and his stories I think.  Now they really will.  ;-))

I'm thankful it all turned out ok...makes it ok that I laughed at him.  *snicker*  He does love to see me laugh...he really doesn't have to go to this length to get me too...but since he did, I took advantage of it!  ROFL

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