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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Yes...I'm still alive!

Early Morning Sunbeams
Early Morning Sunbeams

Hello to anyone out there still hoping I will post in my blog! (If there IS anyone.) LOL Between trying to heal from a few health issues the last couple years, and keeping busy doing whatever it is that I find myself doing around here, I found myself not blogging.  Part of that was due to trying to avoid as much stress as possible...and trying to think of something to write, especially when I wasn't getting out and taking lots of pictures, can be stressful, least enough that I decided not to try.  I AM still very much alive though, just not showing it here!

Just thought I'd share a photo I took early one morning  a week or two ago while I let anyone who has wondered, know I AM still here, and I think...hope and pray...my health is improving, just slow it seems.  I've had some issues for years, but they really had me down a couple years ago so I figured I HAD to try and figure things out.  I have to praise God for the journey, AND helping me feel better little bits at a time!

Violet, this years calf!

Lately, since I've been feeling up to it, I've been helping to try and tame the calf that was born here earlier this year. With my hubby always being so busy she didn't get a lot of attention, and was quite WILD!  But it was past time to wean her, so we had to get her caught and away from her Mom.

We had to have one of our wonderful Amish neighbors who is younger and more able to, come over and help catch her.  He had to do it twice, because the first time she broke the rope we had her tied to a tree with and went back in with her Mom.  LOL  Course that was just AFTER he left, so it was a bit before he managed to get back over and do it again.  This time we had a better rope I guess, cause she didn't break this one as she lunged trying to get away from it.

Curious Cow
Violet & my hubby.

It's certainly been an experience, and I didn't know if we could do it, (I can train dogs decently well...but never have tried to a calf) but...she is coming along real nicely!  I think I won her over with apple cores when I was getting apple pie filling into the freezer. LOL Once those were gone, hubby brought home some alfalfa cubes, and we give them to her as treats. She loves them, and will come running for them sometimes.  Nothing like a bribe, to get those animals to calm down and come to us!  ;-))

She treats me differently than she does hubby, I'm not good at "cow speak" so not sure what it all means that she does, but it's just good to see her trusting us more. I've been leading her around the yard some, getting her used to being walked on a rope, and she is doing better that way too. I have no idea if she would come to us if she wasn't tied up...we haven't gotten that far yet, but least there is hope she will be a good milk cow one day. :-))

We almost tried to sell her...actually put an ad online and everything, but something kept telling me to keep her, so we decided to take the ad down and see if we could get her tamed down...thankfully it appears to be paying off! God willing she will be a good one for us, like her Mom appears to be! She is her Mom's first calf...so Mom is still young, so hopefully we will have them for many more years to come.

Early Morning Sunbeams
Beautiful Morning!

Anyway, just thought I'd share the fact I'm still here, just quiet and working on my health...along with my usual pursuits of keeping house here on the farm and enjoying my MANY hobbies. LOL I have to say it's GOOD to feel a bit better too!! I still have a ways to go, and who knows if I'll ever get to where I think I should be...but least I'm not where I was a couple years ago! :-))

No promises you will see me back here a lot...but...least I finally had the urge to post an update for once!  ;-)))

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  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    So glad to see you posting again, Deb! And YES, you KNOW I still want to follow your posts! : )

    Love Love LOVE your early morning sunbeams pic!!!



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