Monday, August 07, 2006

Internet Friends first Meeting

This layout is a layout I did for a challenge at The Scrap Habit. I used more pictures of when Shawn and Jamie came for their visit. Oh and Blush if you see this, you are right, that is Shawn (J3) on the left in the top two pictures! (Thanks for your comments btw!!)

Credit: Blue Sky Add-on by Misty Cato I got it off her blog.

We went to my parents house this weekend and picked up three angora rabbits (they were my brothers and his wife's). My DH wanted to try keeping them for a while since they wanted to get rid of them. If it turns out he doesn't like keeping them we will have to try to sell them over here. I guess they couldn't find a buyer for them over there. I will have to try to get some pictures of them sometime.

I have been busy today, getting layouts uploaded to Teri's new gallery that goes with her new forum, today. She is opening a forum (I think this next weekend) for news about her and another woman's kits who sells at Divine Digital. Its also going to have challenges and all so hope you will come visit us there!! I will try to remember to post a link to it when it opens! For the month of August there will be extra challenges which means extra chances to pick up a beautiful freebie, so hopefully we will get several people comming to do the challenges! I may help out sometimes on a challenge here or there, but I chose to mainly stick with doing layouts where as some of the other layout artist picked a different group which involved fewer layouts but more helping in the forum. I just have been having to much fun doing layouts lately, so wanted to stick with that and help in the forum some but not every day! The daily HAVING to gets to be to much! There are times I just don't wanna!! And other times I just can't! But should be able to manage the layouts!! Even if the layouts are not all good LOL.

Well I have to get off here and get something for supper, so I guess I should stop typing!! I must be in a talkative mood, right now, so maybe my DH better watch out!!!!! I may talk his ear off for a bit....or maybe not. LOL

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