Thursday, March 15, 2007

Satellite, Rock, and a Layout

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This layout features my niece again! I blended a background and overlay for the background, and then made the pictures blend into the background too. I love these monograms! The font Teri used is really cool...although I have no idea what the name of it is, and the flowers she put on each of them are really pretty. My niece is truly the Sunshine in our lives, (as if you probably couldn't tell, with as many layouts as I do with her in them! LOL) so I wanted a layout that told her that. I kept it simple so her face would light up the page and be the focus. I love you Kali!!

Journaling reads:
Even though we have always called you Kali, your full name Kalinda means sun, and it fits, because you have filled our lives with Sunshine!! With your initials spelling Kit...Uncle Orison called you Kitten.

Kit Credit: MLady Monograms by Teri Hanson at DigiZines Digital Den

Well we managed to get Satellite TV (its actually my sister-in-laws, she just had it moved down here while she is staying here) and a lot of Rock for our driveway in the same day! The guy who came to install the satellite called before 7 this morning, and said he was a half hour away, so we scurried around, and managed to look alive by the time he got here. It was still mostly dark when he drove in, and we are thinking..."How is he going to see to get on the roof?" LOL But he came in and looked around, and decided how everything was going to go, and by then it was light. So now three TV's in our house (one of KT's and two of ours) are hooked up so we can watch Stargate on Friday nights when it starts again in April!!!!! LOL

The next time it rains we may not swim through the mud to get out of our drive way too!! With the sale of our house, we managed to get enough rock on our drive way for once!!! Well one more load may have been nice, but we can live with the 4 we did get, quite easily!! Its rocked better than it ever has been since we moved! Now if we can just manage a couple loads a year, maybe it would stay good! Our drive way is kinda long, but its nice to be back off the road some. That way we don't get so much dust in the house (from people driving by on the road) when we have the windows open in the warm weather. The line of trees along the creek stop (some of) it.

Its only gotten into the mid 50's today, so it is cooler than its been, but its still a lot better than 30's or below!! There is quite a bit of grass greening up, especially along our driveway now. Flowers are poking their tops out of the ground, and baby goats romping in the pasture. What more can you ask for! We are truly blessed!

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