Monday, April 09, 2007

Pansys on my mind, and Computer update

I guess I must have pansys on my mind, because I have been working on a kit with them in it for Mothers day, and I picked this kit out to do for Shawn, and it had pansys. The first layout is my parents, probably shortly after they got married. I couldn't get the picture any better, although I did lighten it a tad. The 2nd layout is my niece. She was 3, and we were visiting my grandmother (her great-grandmother). She is so adorable!!

Kit Credit: J3 Designs JD Memories at Designs by J3

We were gone all morning, so I didn't really get much else done today. I managed to figure out what ram I need for my computer, if I ever decide to bite the bullet, and upgrade. I know sometimes my computer really slows down, when I'm using my scrappin programs, so I could really use it. I hope in the next month or two to maybe do it, but we will see. I suppose I should stay away from the kit sales if I want to be able to get it! LOL Tina Williams is having a sale again, most of her kits are $2.00 through Tuesday (tomorrow) I think. Naturally I had to go get a few more, even though I haven't managed to use the last ones I got. Silly me! LOL But its hard to beat that price when you go looking for kits!! But I'm broke, so if there are any other good sales, I can't go anyway.

Edited for a P.S. about Best Buy and computer problem.

Ok, I just have to say that my computer did get fixed...after a few problems, and them telling me AGAIN that I may have to redo it. I told them, NO and that I want it FIXED.

The tec came out and put the cable in tonight, and turned the computer on, and pushed the button, before it had gotten booted up, and the tray opened, so he left, before it actually got all the way started....I saw him to the door, and then came back in and once the computer was all the way started (It does take its time, because I have several things that start when windows do...a BUNCH of things! LOL) I then tried to open the dvd-rw and what should happen, but ummm it didn't work! I had JUST seen him do it, before it got booted so I was kinda suprised. It also wasn't finding the driver....don't know why cause it worked before! So just as I was getting ticked...and wondering if I should dial the number that showed up on my caller id when the tec called to make an appointment, the phone rang. It was someone wondering if he had actually been out here. Perfect timming, I told her that I was having trouble, and it HAD opened before he left, and before the computer was booted up. I told her I was trying to restart the computer, so hopefully it would find the drivers, the 2nd time around, but that it was on a black screen, and wasn't doing anything...eventually it finally did restart, before she got someone to call me back who could help me. But it still didn't find the drivers, and the door still wouldn't open. So they finally called me, and told me I should be backing things up all the time, in case things happen (well duh! I try, but it does kinda gets away from me) and anyway, I let them know I wasn't happy about them telling me I needed to restore, like thats the fix all for everything! He finally changed his tune a bit, cause he could tell he was just ticking me off (I think! LOL) and said he would get the guy back out there, and have him check it out. He came back out, and added another cable, and it works. This time he stayed, and I actually burned a disk, so he KNEW it was working.

He said that he thinks there could be a windows issue, for part of it, (and thats one reason it's slow) but at least he didn't say I needed to restore, to fix the problem...(although I'm almost sure he was thinking it) I don't know why it would need to restore so soon, since it was just late last year when I did. He did say that sometimes people have problems with the restore disks that you make yourself, and so getting them from the company instead of making them yourself, would be a better idea....ok he didn't come out and say that exactly, but he kinda let it be known, in a round about way, that next time, we should prob get the disks from the company. So if I ever get a new computer, I may see if I can. However I hope thats many years down the road, because I like this one, and don't want to try to figure out the new Windows Vista!

So although I am kinda dissillusioned about the smarts of the geek squad on the other end of the phone, at least Best Buy did send the poor guy here out AGAIN and got it to working! Thank you Best Buy!! I may actually still shop there! LOL After all I do love what they have usually.

I guess I will stop rambling on about my computer now! I didn't mean to write so much, but couldn't make my fingers stop! Have a good week!!!

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