Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thanks for your comments!

Thank you so much for your comments! I really appricate it when you take the time to let me know you like my kits!

I did a couple layouts today, the first one is with pictures from last Spring, of a grass fire just to the west of us. The pictures were taken at night, and I thought it looked really neat, although I was a little worried about it getting away from the firemen, and getting one of our neighbors houses, or even comming over the hill and getting us. Thankfully it didn't! Kit Credit for this layout is Fire Kit by Tina Williams.

The 2nd layout is my Mom (and grandma is off to the side, bent over) helping my brother when he had to soak his foot, after stepping on a nail, when he was 7. Kit Credit: Mothers Pansies by Doxie Designs (yep, my newest, that will be here Mothers day weekend).

We lost our baby goat, that we were trying to get to eat extra. She must have been sick, and not just not being allowed to eat. The poor baby, and she was my favorite. Oh well, I guess thats part of life on a farm! Hopefully we will have more babies this year, because that just leaves us with two.

Better get off here, and get some things done...Catch ya later!


  1. I never did like the saying "If you don't have them, you can't lose them." It's always nice to have them and never nice to lose them no matter how.

  2. THANKS!!! It's a beautiful kit. i love the antique "card" elements.

  3. I love how you used Tina's fire kit on that brush fire LO.You are so creative!I picked up that kit on sale and thought I'd be able to use it on some of my sil pictures....he is an LA county Firefighter.I also have the grandchildren visiting fire station pictures.
    I am really sorry about your little goat....i hoped he would be healthy again.Wasn't that the little guy that followed you all over the house?Too funny!

  4. ur mothers day kit is gonna be gorgeous.. love pansies myself.. beautiful colors.. love lo u did w/ it.. sorry to hear bout ur little goat.

  5. Hey GREAT Fire layout! I love it! :)


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