Friday, September 24, 2010


Homemade Ketchup

Today is going to seem like more of a relaxed day, after the weeks of canning. I finally got to start cleaning up from the canning, and putting things away yesterday (although I have yet to figure out where I'm going to put those last jars of Ketchup I canned LOL). I used this recipe here for my ketchup (pictured above)...if anyone is interested.

I am not finished by any means, but least I'm reclaiming my kitchen and getting to enjoy seeing the counter for a change, instead of having them always cluttered with fruit, vegetables and canning supplies. I really hate counter clutter day in and day gets on my nerves. LOL I'm one of those people who likes to clean up as she cooks...cause having dirty dishes and food scattered all across my kitchen bugs me, and I find it hard to even watch someone else cook like that...especially if it's in my kitchen, so the time or two it's happened, I left and let them do it, so I didn't loose what little mind I had left. *giggle*

Having the canner and extra canning supplies out the last few weeks was bad enough (although not as bad as having dishes and food scattered all over), but being lazy I didn't bother putting it away, since I knew I'd be using it again and again. I finished the last of the tomatoes by making some homemade ketchup which I canned on once I empty the dehydrator of the last load of peppers and get it cleaned up and put away, I think I'm done...till we butcher! (Unless someone surprises us with something else that needs canned or dried.)

Don't take my aversion of counter clutter to mean I'm a good housekeeper...I'm far from that, but I do try to not have to much clutter laying around all over the place now (although our dinning room table somehow gets more than it's share of it...from time to time). Dirt is another thing...I try to keep up with getting rid of it, but living on a farm makes it hard to keep it out, especially with dogs who love to dig and bring more of it in. LOL My floors seem to ALWAYS need scrubbed...and they don't get it near enough.

Learning to enjoy the sun

The muttley's seem to think today's a good day to relax too...I actually saw Peaches laying in a sunbeam inside for the first time today...and then when we went out onto the patio she laid in the sun out there too! Ever since we brought her home, she has not really liked the sun to much, I don't think she was ever in it before we got her, so she tried to stick to the shadows as much as possible. But the last day or two I've noticed she is getting braver about going further and discovering the world around her more, and now she has discovered that the sun is her friend. It warms her up when it's cool (which it was this morning) and makes her feel better.

Enjoying the Sun

Autumn of course loves to lay in the sun...till she gets to hot. She was laying on the lounge chair this morning, when we were out on the patio. It's soft for her older bones, and comfy.

Autumn has actually behaved herself the last few days too...course we will see how long that lasts! *giggle* Peaches nose is pretty much back to it's normal size, with just a small bump as a reminder.

This morning I was sweeping part of the patio off, and ended up sweeping Peaches right off it too! *snicker* She loves to play with the broom and I don't know if she was running to do that, or just running by, but I didn't see her coming and she timed it wrong so she was right in the line the broom was taking as I swept it towards the edges of the patio...and she got swept over the cliff. *giggle* It was funny, although I don't think she thought it was.

Well I better go out and get my cheese made, I haven't made as much lately, cause I just didn't have time, but now that the canning is pretty much over I should stock up on Mozzarella so I can start making some hard cheeses in another month or so and still have the Mozzarella for our homemade pizza! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Kitchen Canning Clutter! Know what you mean! Just when I think I am finished, something else comes a long that needs to be canned!

    How did the ketchup turn out for you?


  2. The ketchup turned out great!! I'm so glad you posted the recipe Tammy! :)

  3. I like to have a clean kitchen too. :) ... It's hard to work around clutter, huh?

    Glad Peaches' nose is getting better!


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