Tuesday, October 12, 2010

19 years and counting...

Bringing the cows in

It's our anniversary today, and I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Anniversary Galen...You have made the past 19 years wonderful and filled my life with love, laughter & plenty of sunshine!

I love you!! And I love how you like surprising me with something by putting it in my office for me to find...so SWEET, thanks Dear! :)

Nothing extra special planned for today (that I know about anyway) but any day spent with my wonderful hubby is special so for that, I am thankful. :)

The photo is my DH a couple days ago bringing the cows in...he's actually looking for Mabel in this photo who was hiding behind the house. LOL

Gotta run, have a few things to do this morning before we can enjoy the day together.


  1. Want to wish you both a very Happy Anniversary!!

    Mom and Dad

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! :) May you have many more wonderful ones!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! I hope the day is loaded with lots of sweetness and more memories to carry you through to the next nineteen years and beyond!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great year!!!


  5. Thanks so much!! It's been a pretty good day. :)


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