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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Hillbilly Home - The Big Move: part 2

Photos of moving our house.

This story is about how we got started with our farm several years ago...I was chatting with a friend one day and talking about how we got our house, and she wanted to see some photos so I decided to write the story for my blog and share photos instead of trying to e-mail a bunch to her. If you missed the first part of this story, you can find the links to all the parts on my links page.

The house had made it safely to the end of our driveway...but could they get that narrow corner turned without going off the edge?

I didn't want to watch, but couldn't take my eyes off the house, as they started around the corner slowly. The truck was dangerously close to the edge several times and I held my breath, praying that the house wouldn't push it over.

Photos of moving our house.

Finally they had it jockeyed around the corner and going straight down the hill...so I could breath again. Then at the bottom, the driver got a little close to the edge, so the wheels under the house, went off the road.

Photos of moving our house.

Thankfully there wasn't to much of a drop off there...it was just a matter of trying to pull the truck out of a soft spot...which wasn't easy, but did finally happen.

Photos of moving our house.

Once they got unstuck from the driveway, they pulled the house up past the foundation. They wanted to back it through the foundation, so the truck pulled downhill from it, and then they had to turn the wheels under the house, so the truck could back up without first going to far down the hill, and have the house aimed to go back over the foundation...and not back to the driveway.

Photos of moving our house.

Once they started backing up, they had several guys under the house watching to make sure they were going to clear everything. One tire did hit part of the corner of the foundation that was sticking out, the tire blew, but the house was fine and the foundation wasn't hurt to much.

Photos of moving our house.

Finally the house was in position, so all that was needed was to lower it onto the foundation, remove the beams and wheels, put the blocks under the middle of the house on the pads that were poured ready for it and nail the metal strips to the house to hold it down. It was all finished in record time and the men were out of here right around dark.

Before they left the house had been inspected inside and out and found only one little spot of damage...a gutter had been mashed by a tree limb. Inside was just as we had seen it last, before the move. The plaster didn't even crack and fall off the walls. Yes there was a crack or two, but they had been there before the move. Praise God for getting the house safely to the farm!

It was an eventful day but a day that put us a LOT closer to having our dream come true of living in the country on our own farm. It would be several months before we had the house ready to move into, but the hardest part was over...the fast and furious month of preparation had netted us a home on our farm. Now we could breath a little easier as we finished the foundation and enjoyed Thanksgiving...my favorite holiday. :)

There are a few more photos of moving the house in the Hillbilly Home set on flicker.

Stay tuned for Our Winter's Work...

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  1. That's amazing that there was no damage to the inside of the house!!! ... It would be awesome to watch! :)



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