Monday, November 08, 2010

Our Hillbilly Home - Pouring the Footings

Pouring Footings

This story is about how we got started with our farm several years ago...I was chatting with a friend one day and talking about how we got our house, and she wanted to see some photos so I decided to write the story for my blog and share photos instead of trying to e-mail a bunch to her. If you missed the first part of this story, you can find the links to all the parts on my links page.

After the site for the house was leveled, before we could get the footings poured for our house it rained. This of course made for a muddy mess down where we needed the concrete truck. Thankfully the guy who owned the track hoe came and said he could use it to get the concrete where it needed to go.

DH and Roger (one of the two guys we hired to do the digging and septic tank) had to get a hole dug under the footings for the plumbing to go through, so while they worked on that end of the house, the concrete was poured on the other end.

Pouring Footings

Dad stood there and made sure all the concrete came out of the bucket, then the bucket would swing around, get refilled, and come back to dump again.

It was a longer job because of the mud, but it finally got finished so we could let it cure for a few days...and then get to work getting the foundation finished up.

Stay tuned for Getting the foundation up... time on "Our Hillbilly Home".
More will come once I get the photos gathered, and words written...please forgive the fact that I'm clearly NOT a "writer" AND the time it could take for the next part to show up...a day, a week, a month or... God forbid... a year.
Next installment is here.

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