Friday, November 12, 2010


The sun is moving south for the winter

The week started out so pretty with this beautiful sunset, but it's sure been a busy one and I'm glad its almost over...unfortunately the next two could be really busy too. We had several appointments which took us off the farm and cut down on time to do things here. I wasn't able to make cheese earlier this week, cause of the appointments, so the milk was given to our animals. I really wish I could have made some mozzarella, cause it's a good snack when we are so busy. *sigh* Guess that's the way it goes.

With rifle deer season starting this weekend, I wanted to get some things done so we were ready when we got our first deer (we never know how many we will get or when, since people just bring them when they get them and decide they don't want them. I'll never understand the thrill people get out of hunting when they don't want the meat, but I can't complain since it gives us free food!). As it turns out, I wasn't able to finish everything, cause....we got two (so far) this week (It's bow season right now). We received one yesterday, but unfortunately had to let it sit till today to process, because yesterday was one of those days we had an appointment.

So needless to say, we will be busy today with the deer...*sigh* I'm so thankful for the meat, but can't wait for deer season to be over, it's so not what I want to be doing right now (it doesn't help that I seem to be extra tired for some reason). LOL Course we still have a cow to butcher too...which I can't say I'm looking forward to, except that the beef will be nice, since it's something we don't have all that often with all the deer we usually get. This year we are planning on taking some of the deer to my parents, if we get a bunch, cause we won't need as much with the cow.

Gifts from some friends!

The bright spot in this busy week was some gifts we received from some friends. They sent DH a hand stitched handkerchief with his name on it and some dried hot peppers (he has already enjoyed some of the peppers in some eggs this week and loved them!). They sent me two hand knit dishrags and a really pretty sampler that has stitches all over it and is SO pretty! I love handmade items, and these are no exception. I can't believe the amount of work that sampler took...all those little stitches in the really pretty design.

The dishrags are wonderful! I've used one of them so far, and fell totally in love. I've never used a hand knit dishrag before, but I'm sold on them totally now...and wish I could knit. LOL I've tried to learn several times and never could, so guess I'll have to try to get a hold of more of these wonderful dishrags some other way. LOL They put the store bought dishrags to shame that's for sure!!! I totally recommend getting some if you get the chance to, because they are so much nicer. :)

Well I better get off here and get a new kind of cheese made before DH gets his chores done and comes in with the skinned deer. I planned on making this cheese (which actually takes several hours, but most of that is just sitting time) today, and hate to toss the hopefully it's not in the way as we are working on the deer.

With deer season here and then the next week being Thanksgiving week, we could have two more REALLY BUSY weeks ahead of us. If I don't post as much in the next couple weeks know it's probably just cause we are swamped!

Hope you didn't mind several hillbilly home posts this week, they were the easiest thing for me to post, when I was busy since I had the photos in flicker and did most of the work on them last weekend...gotta get more in there now, before I can post more, but hopefully I can soon. I'd like to get the next couple done by Thanksgiving...but we will see how it goes. I have lots of photos to upload to flicker first. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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  1. How nice that people give you the meat!! That must save lots of money, as meat can get expensive!!!

    Love your gifties!!!


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