Thursday, November 04, 2010

We're in the Butter!

We're back in butter!!

I was thinking of that song "We're in the money" when I did the title of this post...only ummm...obviously we don't have all that much money, but sometimes having extra homemade butter sure makes me feel rich...even if we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel at times when it comes to money. LOL

Sunday we finally had enough cream from Daisy to skim it off and churn some butter. I don't think the cream was real thick cream...not sure if it would have even made whipped cream but it made a nice amount of butter. I churned it and got a whole pound off a half gallon of cream...which is more than I was getting off a half gallon when it was Mabel's cream that was making the butter. Course she had been producing milk for quite a while so was probably not making as much good cream as she did when she first freshened.

Since we were gone on Monday, I couldn't churn any, so Tuesday afternoon I had enough to churn butter twice (I can only do a half gallon at a time as I have to save room for it to expand in the butter churn.) I got two pounds of butter Tuesday and another pound yesterday!! That means I've basically gotten a pound of butter a day since we started getting cream again! That's better than I expected...although I don't expect that to always happen it's sure nice to have the butter again!

Now I can stock pile some in food savor bags in the freezer for when we have to dry her up, and have some to give away now and then too!! Yippee!! That sure makes me feel better!! :)

We've had a better week this week, with the butter showing up finally and my new sink, I've felt better (after the shopping day on Monday which didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would). I even managed to get the kitchen cleaner like I've been wanting to do (not spotless by any means but much better) so that makes me happier too. Just a few other areas to clean, and I'll feel like I'm back on top of the housework...course who knows if I'll manage those other areas anytime soon. LOL

Hope everyone is having a good week, I am trying to work on several Hillbilly Home posts, so should manage to post one tomorrow. Have a great weekend! :)


  1. That butter looks soooo good! I'm glad you're getting enough cream to make some! :)

  2. Beautiful Butter! Nothing makes me feel richer than milk and milk products!

  3. I smile when I read your posts like this! I may not comment all the time. But I read them every chance I get. You give me hope. And I keep storing it up for next year, for now. In the meantime - I'm trying to empty that plate - one bite at a time. Keep having all that fun! I'm enjoying it! LOL


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