Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cows, Weather & Scrapping

That Darn Daisy

When we first got Daisy we heard she was a nurse cow, so knew if we needed her to, she would adopt other calves. It's not something I really want to do at this time, since I want her cream for butter, but it's nice to know it could happen. However, the last couple days she has cut down on milk production and DH told me today he is wondering if it's because she knows Mabel is about to calve, so she is holding it up thinking she will be able to be a nurse cow again.

That Darn Cow! LOL

Unless we just HAVE to have her take over raising the calf, I sure don't want to have her have to, cause I want to be able to keep making butter...since she can actually hold up almost ALL of the cream, if she is nursing a calf, and not give us enough to mess with she may find herself alone in the pasture...and Mable across the fence. We will see how it all goes...and how much Milk Mabel is actually able to give her baby before we decide I think, but she better watch it, if she wants her "sister" to stay close. *giggle*

I was able to scrap a little earlier this week for a change!! I got to playing with Dustybear's new kit and scrapped two pages for this years book. (Yes...I'm still WAY behind. LOL)

The first pages shows a photo of DH picking strawberries this last May...and has a list of some of the things I did with them. I LOVE strawberries, so was really happy to get some to play with for a change. Sure hope we can get some more next year, but I won't hold my breath. LOL

The last LO just shows a summer sunset we enjoyed here.

Kit Credit: Deb's Kitchen by Lara Payton

I didn't use the cool cooking related stickers in the kit, but will be using them in the cookbook I'm going to be starting on. It's a wonderful cooking kit, if you are needing one! :)

The weather has been Nice the last few days. Today it got up in the 60's even...course the wind was blowing which made it seem kinda chilly out there, but still not to bad. However a front has come through and the temps have started falling fast...snow, sleet and/or freezing rain are suppose to be headed our way...oh joy! LOL

Not that I look forward to my fill last year...but the ice is even worse. Hopefully it won't be to bad, but thankfully we have plenty of food since we just did our shopping for next month yesterday, so won't need to get off the farm for anything as far as I know, if it does get bad out there. Maybe I can get some more scrapping time in, while it's cold and snowy outside...that is if I managed to get a few chores done around here, that I didn't manage to finish today. *sigh* There's always something holding me back lately it seems...or maybe I'm just slow, I don't know. LOL

Anyway, hope everyone stays warm...or cool for those of you in summer. I've gotta run, it's almost time to finish fixing supper. :)

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  1. Good on ya', Girlie! Been a while since I've managed to pull myself together long enough to get any scrapping done. I've gotten as far as a couple of kits bought a few days ago. Beyond that... I wish it would warm up around here! LOL


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