Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A "Guest's" Funny


Name's will be avoided in the following story to protect the story teller (me) so maybe this person won't come back and clobber me. *giggle*

Several years ago we had several people here for a visit, one of which was a 20 something "youngin'" who grew up in the city. Our little female dachshund (Autumn...the one pictured above) was in heat at the time, which everyone had become very aware of...we won't talk about "how" they knew...but it had something to do with how Rascal was acting. LOL

We were all sitting around the dinning room table, after lunch talking and having a good time when all of a sudden the "youngin'" got up, knelt down and said "one of your dogs is bleeding" as they wiped a drop of blood up off the floor with their finger and hold it up for everyone to see. Everyone was looking at the "youngin'" for a moment in silence, probably trying to think of what to say...when DH pipes up and says "Autumn's in HEAT" stressing the word heat.

There was another moment of silence, as the "youngin" looked bewildered as to how this had anything to do with there being blood on the floor, and then the look of comprehension crossed their face as it turned beat red and everyone else burst out into hysterical laughter.

I laughed till I cried over it...yet I felt kinda bad, cause I knew how embarrassed this person probably was...I just couldn't stop myself from laughing about it, cause it was so funny. (At least for those of us THERE, it was. LOL) This person's SO (SO = significant other) laughed hard to, although later admitted they felt bad about laughing, and the "youngin" just got up and went outside because of the embarrassment, and probably learned a little more about animals that day than they cared to.

It's given DH and I a chuckle over the years when we think about it, and we have brought it up to this "youngin" since, (cause we are mean like that)...and the "youngin" still tries to change the subject. *giggle*

I guess I didn't realize that it wasn't common knowledge that female animals have "monthly" cycles like humans do, even if it's not "monthly" for all of them, but I guess for someone who grew up without animals around, it wouldn't be common knowledge. I know Autumn was worse at the bleeding part of it, so much so that when we traveled we had to use a doggie diaper on her, to keep the blood off of everything.

I have to admit...it is always nice to have someone else do the really embarrassing things, it makes me feel not quite so alone since I tend to do more than my share of them. *snicker*

I thought I'd share this episode, since DH and I chucked about it yet again a few days ago when a friend was visiting. :-))


  1. I've heard of dogs doing that... Do all female animals bleed some? Because I've never seen a cat do it. Of course, we usually get our cats fixed before the first heat...


  2. You tryin' ta' kill me?


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