Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to make a cold and blustery Saturday afternoon extra special!

How to make a cold blustery Saturday afternoon special!

Since the warm weather left us for points south, the cold north wind is blowing making my office to cold to spend much time in. If I were wanting to spend anytime on the computer, I'd have to move it to another room...Thankfully God blessed me with a laptop for that very reason! :)

The snow is falling...ever so slowly but still falling. We only have a dusting so far, but it still looks and sounds really cold outside.

DH started a fire in my Great-Grandmothers wood cook stove this morning, because we feared our furnace would act up again, and wanted at least one room to be warm in the far we still have heat everywhere the wind doesn't push it's way into. However we have tried to keep it going, just in case, since it's an on again off again thing lately. (We have a cousin looking into what could be wrong...but till then we are praying that God keeps us warm! LOL)

As you can see, we sometimes forget to feed the fire, till there are only a few coals left, but...that's a good thing in some ways.

Because there were just a few coals, it was the perfect time to break out the marshmallows and roast a few over the coals, before adding more wood to the fire! Yum!!!

How to make a cold blustery Saturday afternoon special!

We haven't done that for several years, because we stopped eating marshmallows since they had gelatin in them. Most gelatin is made from who knows what, which could include pig or worse...which we don't eat since we try to follow the food laws in the bible. This year I was tired of making my traditional thanksgiving feast without the marshmallows though, so I researched and found some that were made with fish gelatin (the fish with fins and scales that are good to eat) and ordered some online. I ordered a bag of large ones too, so I could break them out sometime and have that yummy sweet taste of childhood.

It made for a special treat on this cold gray blustery Saturday afternoon in December.

So next time you need something special on a cold gray up the wood stove, then when there are just coals left, break out the marshmallows! It's sure to lift your spirits (if they are low)...course that could just be, because of the sugar rush!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. That sounds nice!! We don't have a fireplace, or wood stove... but we would probably do that, if we did. :)

  2. Oh well...we've been known to turn the burner on, on the gas stove, and roast them that's been several years ago that we did that, but I'm sure if we didn't want to light the stove, we would again. LOL The wood stove is nicer though...cause staring at the coals add to the enjoyment. :)


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