Friday, December 24, 2010

Now & Then

Getting Long...

I was looking through "baby" photos the other day of Peaches, and she was just so little compared to now! LOL I found one that made me want to get a photo of Peaches NOW on DH's lap, so I could compare the two. So this morning I cornered DH and snapped the above photo. Peaches didn't really want to sit still long enough, but I managed to get one where she was laying pretty good, along the line of his leg.

Flash back to September 21st and she looked like this...
Consoling Tummy Rub

Just three short months later, and the "baby" is gone, with a beautiful but goofy " pre-teen" in her place. I don't think she could lay on her back along DH's legs now, she is so long her head might hang out past his the very least, it would be to the edge of his knees, unlike in the above photo.

Did you notice how her body was lighter as a tiny puppy, than it is now. I'm sure glad she darkened up a little...I like the red better. :)

How quickly they grow up.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a before and after shot of her, to kinda show how much she has grown! Are you getting tired of Puppy pictures yet? *giggle*

Winter time is a time I don't go out and enjoy the other animals as get used to it, I'm sure I'll be sharing more of her this winter, than I would if it were summer. :)

Have a safe weekend!! :)

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  1. My! She has grown!!! And she's just soooo cute!


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