Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh yummy beef!

Canned Beef & Broth

Well last Friday I finished getting the hamburger in the freezer...there was enough of it to get us almost a year down the road, the way we have been eating it lately. (Possibly a little further depending on if our eating habits change.)

We got several roasts and packages of steak off our cow too...so I'm sure we will be enjoying lots of beef this winter! I do have to try to learn the best way to cook grass fed beef...since it's lots leaner than I'm used to, and I'm pretty used to lean since I usually tried to buy beef that has the least amount of fat as possible because the fat tended to bother my tummy if there was to much of it.

Grass fed beef is suppose to be the healthiest choice from all I've read, and I would have bought it before we had our own, if I could have. It's wonderful to have lots of it now, since we raised our own. :)

I also canned a few jars of stew meat, so if I forget to get something out of the freezer, I have that to fall back on now and then. Can't wait to see how it turned out, but will wait a while if I can, cause I don't have lots of it, and want to spread it out. LOL

Some of the bones we cooked down with some herbs and other things...and made into broth/stock. I canned it so now we will have homemade broth for stews and whatever else we need it for. Much healthier than buying it, especially since some of the store bought has that nasty MSG in it! I (kinda) followed the recipe I found here to make it.

I could have made more broth, but until I try some I hated to go to overboard (it's not the quickest thing in the world to make). Maybe I'll do more the next time we butcher a cow, if I like how this turned out enough to mess with it again.

As I figured, the new (old) sink hubby installed for me was WONDERFUL with the butchering we had to do. It made things clean up so much nicer, and actually kept things cleaner for us. I just LOVE those sideboards! I am so blessed to have my own personal "scroungeman", who finds free treasures for me! :)

It's good to have the butchering behind us for the year now...hopefully now I can get back to having more time for my hobbies...we will see how it goes. :)


  1. It's nice that you have so much beef! We go through a lot of ground beef, what with there being 6 of us. *lol*


  2. We are exploring grass fed beef for the first time ourselves. We've got an acquaintance whose family raises cattle and took orders for their butcher this fall. We ended up with a small variety of cuts in our freezer that are destined for a meal or three at our home. If you figure out any tips, I'd love to hear them!


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