Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Recipe Exchange

Cookbook Cover

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's eve!!

I just noticed that this is my 1000th post...I think maybe I talk to much. *giggle* The first several years I had this blog, I didn't blog a lot, and it certainly wasn't to interesting (OK, I know, it's not majorly interesting now, but's better than it was believe me! *giggle*)but wow...1000 posts, who knew I had that in me. I'm usually the shy quiet one...least in real life. LOL

Ok, onward and upward...

I've not mentioned the fact that I run a digital scrapbooking challenge on the Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo group for several months now...mostly cause I haven't managed to do anything but manage it (no LO's from me for it). This year we are planning something different than the normal challenge we've been doing.

I've been wanting to get my favorite recipe's into book form for a while now, and in fact several years ago got some of them into a little notebook...but I never finished it, and prefer the scrapbooking pages now, cause I like the extra pretty pages I can put together this way, so have been planning on starting a book for the last several years...just never got around to it till now.

We (The owners of the group and I) wanted a change this year, in the challenge, so I suggested a recipe I hoped that would kick start my book, since I kept putting it off. Blushbutter and Dustybear agreed, and even took my idea for a strawberry kit (which is what I wanted for my book) and ran with it! I have to say, they each came up with a wonderful kit, that will make some beautiful books, and even named it for me!!! LOL

My pages may all be laid out similar, as I want my book to look somewhat the same all the way through, with a few different colors in the different sections...and maybe some added elements here and there, but it's going to be so fun playing with the kits as the year goes by for those subtle changes on the pages. :)

Kit Credit for the cover above (which could change as the year goes by but I had a lot of fun playing with it for now anyway), is: Deb's Kitchen by Blushbutter. This kit isn't actually out yet, as Blushbutter didn't have time to finish it because of illness in her family, but since I had part of it, to work on an ad for the challenge, I got to playing with it and came up with a cover for my book and just had to share it! LOL Watch her store for the kit in the next month or two...and grab her mini while you are in the store. Dustybear has her part of the kit in the store here, and don't forget her mini in the store either!

So this year in the group, we will be having a new category of recipes to scrap every month...and doing two page 8x8 layouts (either one recipe per page or one recipe across both pages, depending on how much room we need for the recipe) and uploading them to a 4shared folder, which I will manage...and every month each person that shares a recipe, will get the other members recipe's for that month. I can't wait to try out some new recipes! :)

As an added bonus, at the end of the year, the top five contributors will be put in a poll for the group to vote on, and the winner will win a 39 page 8x8 book from Artscow, contributed by Blushbutter and Dustybear!!! How cool is that!! :-))

So if you love to do digital recipes...and want to enjoy using the kits from Blushbutter and Dustybear called Deb's Kitchen, join us on the Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo group and participate in this years recipe exchange! There is even a couple mini kits to go with the larger colab kits, available free to get you started!! Visit the group for more info, and remember we want tried and true recipes so we know they are yummy ones!

Lets make 2011 a great year to be In the Kitchen!!! :-))


  1. Scroungeman10:21 AM

    I volunteer to be the "taste tester"......

  2. I've been thinking about making my own recipe book too.... It would be fun! :)


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