Friday, January 21, 2011



Lately I haven't had much time to continue Peaches "training". Least when I have had a little time I've forgotten to grab the treats and have a training session... but she is learning the last "trick" we were working on, on her own, by watching Autumn.

When I first started I started with the basics...sit (which she somehow knew already), lay down and shake hands. I then wanted to teach her beg (which I think is 2nd nature to doxie's once they are old enough to be able to. LOL) and roll over. I haven't managed the roll over yet, but hopefully I can get back to remembering to have a training session every day or at least several times a week so she can learn that one too.

She had started learning the "beg" command, when I was teaching her, but has gotten better at it (even without training) by watching Autumn do her begging when she is hoping for some extra goodies. I managed to snap this photo last night of Peaches begging. Hopefully sometime I can get one with my shorter lens on, cause this one didn't get cropped like I like to do (I like a standard 8X10 in case I want them for frames sometime), cause I wasn't far enough away from her to have a little room to crop it, but I just had to share, cause she was so cute...although not as cute as the other red doxie we used to have when she begged. LOL

I bet this will become 2nd nature to Peaches also, she has to work at it a little still, to stay up...but the doxie's we've had who do it, usually get to where they can stay up with little or no effort for long periods of time. (Like when they are begging while we are eating...if we don't catch them at it and make them get down. LOL)

I know "tricks" aren't really necessary in a dogs training, but it's fun to have them know a few, and sometimes I think it helps them learn to mind better...cause I have to work with them more, and they learn to do what I say. It would be nice to have time (and know how) to teach them more impressive tricks...but I'll be happy with these. :)

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  1. When I was a kid, our pastor's dog would "pray" for his treats. They would say, "Say your prayers" and he would put his nose down on his front paws. It was soooo cute!


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