Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cookbook Section Pages

Snack Section

I don't know why, but the pages I want at the beginning of each section in my cookbook has really been giving me fits. LOL I was able to come up with something finally today but we will see if I end up changing them over the next year.

Anyway, Blushbutter was able to get her part of "Deb's Kitchen" in the store now, and it's fabulous!!! She has a bunch of food items in it, which will work great...that is if I were better at scrapping lately, than I am. LOL I just wish my kitchen was half as nice as the "kitchen" the kit portrays is. I think it will be so fun playing with this kit...if I can just get my brain back in scrapping mode. It's been on vacation for a long time now, so my pages end up either being tossed together, or being the same as the last...just cause I can't think of cool changes. *sigh*


Case in point, these are my first two section pages...yep, they look the same, except for minor changes. They aren't even what I had envisioned to begin with, but that vision didn't go from my head to my computer to well. Ok, I didn't have a clear vision...just a thought that didn't fully form, or translate to my page on the computer. I have trouble like that lately it seems. To much going on, so my brain doesn't fully switch to designing a page like I'd like it to I guess.

I left the red on the right side of the beverage page, cause it's going to be right next to a Snack page, so didn't want the color changing in the crease of the will just change the outside color on the section pages.

I am wondering if I should just do that little line of blue (or whatever other color they end up being) and leave the red the same throughout...or if the red should be blue (or other color) the same as the outside, once we get to the recipe pages for that section. Have I lost you? I think I did me! Ummm...hmmmm...can't think how to actually explain what I'm talking about either. Sorry! *giggle*

Have I mentioned I think my brain is on vacation lately?

Anyway, these two layouts contain papers and elements from Blushbutter & Dustybear's kits called Deb's Kitchen! They are two kits that will make a fabulous cookbook, if you are wanting to make one. I'm sure you can do way better than I am! LOL They even have a couple free mini kits to go with the big ones...and don't forget the recipe exchange we are having throughout 2011 in their Blush ~n~ Dusty Yahoo Group! :)

Hopefully I can get back to scrapping last years photos soon...I was hoping to be further along by now, but I tend to scrap a little then take a long break, then scrap a little...and that just doesn't seem to get the photos all scrapped. LOL To darn much I want to get done this's so hard to believe it's already February!

Ok, gotta run, supper is in the oven, and I need to finish it. Hope nobody is buried to deep in snow! :)

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  1. Are you using the same layout for each section of the cookbook? I think you should go ahead and try changing out the left side to go with the blue - just for that section (and just my opinion - lol). Either way - I think those kits are absolutely adorable!! And YOU have done some really wonderful work with them!!!


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