Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Kombucha Day

It Feels like spring!

Question: Does anybody know why one side of the V of geese is usually longer than the other?

Answer towards the end of my post! :-))

I've been reading up on Kombucha for a while now, since a friend told me about it. It's not an every day study type thing, but now and then reading more about it online.

I've read how good it is for you, and how much better people feel because of it. Last summer I even make my own scoby out of some store bought Kombucha so I could brew my own, but didn't keep drinking it.

However, once I stopped, and got a few months down the road, I figured out that I felt better, when I WAS drinking it, so have been wanting to get back to it now.

With the feds making the Kombucha makers stop selling the stronger Kombucha, I had trouble making my own Scoby, so found a way to get one from someone online, and sent her postage...and she sent me the Scoby.

Kombucha Scoby

I just got it in the mail today, so I haven't started drinking any it has to sit and "brew" for several days, but I'm sure looking forward to trying it again and I'm hoping it helps me have more energy again too!!

Anybody else drink it...or even ever tried it? How about even heard of it? LOL

I hadn't heard of it till last year, when a online friend mentioned it. Today was the perfect day to begin brewing my own again...because it' was so beautiful today!!

It's Above 70 today...warm enough to open the windows for the first time this year, and boy has it been NICE to get the fresh air inside the house!! It's suppose to cool off again, tomorrow...but may not get as cold as they were thinking at the beginning of the week.

Our snow is pretty much gone now, it rained in the night and took a lot of what was left, and the warm sunshine today has finished the job. Such odd weather for the middle of February, but I"m loving it!! It has given me that break I needed from the cold snowy days, not sure why I needed it more this year than in the past...but I was SO ready for some nice temps. Now maybe I'll be able to make it till spring gets here, if winter does show back up.

God is so good to me. :)

Answer to Geese question at the beginning of the post....

...Ummm Duh, because there are more birds on that side!! *giggle*

My Daddy always asked me that every spring when I was growing up...I'm embarrassed to say how often I said, "No....why?" *hangs head in shame* I've always been a little slow...that just proves it. LOL

The good part about it is, I always think of my Daddy, when I see geese in the spring. :-))

I know the photo up there, isn't the best to use for this joke, since there are a lot of geese in the short v...just all bunched up, but it's what I had, since I only saw the one bunch, when I was outside just pretend it's a normal V of birds. LOL

Ok, better run...hope everyone is having a great day! :)


  1. I'm in the catagory of never having heard of it before... *lol*

    Funny geese joke! ;)

  2. Are you talking about the Kombucha tea.. from mushrooms? don't drink too much in one day... it might make you really hyper and make u spend some quality time in the outhouse!

  3. Well they call it a mushroom, but it's not really. And yes we have to ease into it, it's suppose to remove toxins, which could be why some would be running to the bathroom more. Suppose to drink lots of water with it, so it helps flush out the toxins.


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