Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chopped Liver


With Peaches being "my" baby most of the time, (not that she doesn't love DH...but she spends more time with me) I'm not used to feeling like "chopped liver" in her affections. (Chopped liver is a phrase DH has always you can see from us using it, we don't really like liver. LOL)

Whenever a particular friend of DH's comes over for a visit, Peaches spends most of the time he is here trying to get his attention. I don't know what it is about him, that makes us "chopped liver" but we might as well not even be around when he is, in her eyes. LOL

I took the dogs out for their romp this afternoon, and went out to the barn first, since DH and his friend were out working on a motor for a tractor DH is restoring. Peaches went wild, whining and wiggling around his feet, happy to see him. (The friend, not DH. *giggle*)

Since the friend had grease all over his hands, he didn't pick her up, and after a little while I left, with the dogs for their afternoon walk up the hill. Usually Peaches loves the walk, and runs around the hayfield aimlessly, back and forth having a good ole time.

Today, she kept trying to head back to the barn, to be near "her" best friend. When we got back to the front yard, she ran over to his truck, standing up smelling, and wanting into it. Once I got to where I could get a photo she stopped naturally. It was cute though. LOL I did get the one above, that shows her standing beside the truck, gazing longingly towards the barn.

I took pity on her, and went back to the barn for a short visit...then brought them inside.

She can't wait till he comes in to clean up, so she can pester him and get some of his attention.

Guess I'm going to have to get used to not being her favorite person anymore, now that she has a "boyfriend". *giggle*


  1. We're having the same issues here. Carlie will find every excuse to hit the door if she knows our neighbor is home - especially if his two little girls are with him for the weekend. I keep her radio collar on her. But for the most part - we all just holler back and forth - "She over there?" " Yeah - she's here. She's fine!" LOL

  2. I just spent a very enjoyable break looking at your website and reading about your story...I love this site and love your farm and your story! :) And I'm really impressed at your soap-making...that's something I still have yet to learn.


  3. How cute is that?! ... Our cat, CeeCee, is like that with male visitors. I don't know what it is. *lol*


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