Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scene's from this last week...

Daisy grazing one evening.

Since I was totally distracted this last week, I got behind on getting photos off my camera and onto flicker...can you believe it, thats something I don't usually do! LOL So anyway, thought I'd share a few of them here today. :)

Big Burn

When DH and I went out for a walk the other evening, we saw a bunch of smoke to the east of us...someone was burning their pasture, but it was sure creating a lot of smoke!

Lilacs are blooming!

Our lilacs are blooming! I've always loved fresh lilacs in the spring...can't wait till our bushes get bigger! :)

Spring Sunset

One of the beautiful sunsets I love to watch. I do love this time of year, with the sun further north...because I can see them out my office window, if I happen to be there and look up from my computer. The sun sets later in the evening, so I'm not busy with supper, and can actually go out and watch it if I want...much better than the winter, when I usually can't go, even if I wanted to...because of getting supper.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :-))

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Really, the photos are quite stunning!


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