Friday, May 06, 2011

My Surprise Gift

Feeling special today...

I received a surprise gift in the mail yesterday from an online friend. Remember me talking about these a few weeks ago, and how I couldn't find the ones I had from my grandmother...well now I have some again!! Yippee!!

Yesterday DH came walking in with the mail, and there was a package for me in it. I had ordered something so wasn't to surprised to have a package, till I grabbed it and saw it was from The Vermont Country Store. Strangely enough, I had been going to order from them in a week or so, but...surely I hadn't done it, and not remembered that I had already. Hmmm, maybe I HAVE totally lost my mind, and not been able to find it. *giggle*

I opened the box, and yep, there were the pans I had been going to order...what the heck is going on...then I found it, the card with a message from a online friend. (I was so intent on seeing what was in the box, that I had missed the card that had to have been on top of them. *giggle*)

THANK YOU DJ!!! Thanks for the surprise gift, and making me feel special!! I'm so happy with my gift, they are wonderful!!

If anyone wants to purchase a set for yourself, you can go here to get them! They are heavier duty than I thought they might be, not heavy like cast iron or anything...but not bad. I'm sure they will work wonderfully well, and now I'm going to have to bake a layer cake...oh darn. ROFL

Thankfully my birthday is coming up, so I'll have a good excuse to go overboard on the sugar! I may actually look forward to baking my own birthday cake this year, since I'm going to WANT to test out my new pans! *giggle*

Thanks again, DJ, they were a big surprise and I love them! :)


  1. Ohhhh, I wanna see that cake!!!! Happy for you!! Have fun!!

  2. What a nice gift!!!! That's so great!

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