Thursday, June 09, 2011


Our Garden

We've been trying to get the garden finished planted this week (yes we are's a wonder it's gotten done at all though, so shhh don't tell anyone how late we are), and do some weeding on what was already planted. LOL We knew rain was suppose to be coming in AGAIN today, so was kinda in a hurry to catch up on the gardening. Thankfully it's caught up now, except for getting some trellis done for the peas and tomatoes to have something to be on, but hopefully we still have a little time for that.

Have I mentioned we aren't fact both of us...BOTH of us...really hate (as in loath) gardening. *giggle* We will see if we can actually get anything out of it this year, as last year we didn't get to much. Maybe one of these years I'll finally give up if we keep having bad gardening years, but it would sure be nice to grow some of our own, so we know there wasn't any nasty things sprayed on it. It's much better to grow your own for several reasons, if you can just find time and learn how to do so. Besides, I think it's a good thing to keep extra food around as much as possible, that way if something happens we won't starve if we can't make it to the store for a while. :)


We have a row of Broccoli up and doing pretty good (so far), especially since it was being eaten by grass since we had let the weeding get away from us. It still needs thinned, but hopefully we still have time to get that done, before they stop growing cause they are to close together.


We also have a row of peas that are up and doing pretty good. I really hope we can get some off them, cause I don't remember what fresh from the garden peas taste like...I know Mom & Dad grew them once or twice years ago, but for some reason I don't remember eating any. We still need a trellis for the peas, but hopefully we can get that done before to long.


We also have a row of Okra. DH loves the stuff (I don't mind it fried sometimes) so I thought we'd try planting some of it this year too. DH said if all of it survives and produces, we will have it coming out our ears, cause you get a bunch from one plant. LOL Not sure what we will do with it all, if we do get a bunch, but I'm sure something will eat it, if we don't.

Besides the broccoli, peas and okra, we have a few sad looking tomato plants, and just planted a few more tomatoes, some beets, carrots, lettuce, radishes, 4 kinds of peppers (would have only been and sweet...but we got a couple packets of free pepper seed, so went ahead and planted them too), onions, cantaloupe, zucchini, cucumbers and the end of the garden has 15 hills (with 4-6 seeds per hill) of Pumpkins!

Why so many pumpkins you ask? Well...I guess they are good for cows. LOL One hill would have been more than enough for me, and I doubt we would have planted any (cause way waste your time growing them for just one pumpkin which is all I'd usually need...since DH doesn't like pumpkin pie), had it not been for the animals who could benefit from them. We don't use enough pumpkin to warrant messing with planting them, but I'm sure I'll process one or two of them, if they produce, so I have some homegrown pumpkin for pie and bread.

It's been hot the past several days, so we had to get up early and get out before it got REALLY hot, and get the work done. Now that we are pretty much finished, it cooled down (of course *giggle*) and it's suppose to rain, but we will see if it actually does. It's not looking real promising right now that we will get much rain. Hope it does soon, now that we got the garden caught up...then hopefully it will give us enough dry times that we can keep the garden weeded better, so things do better in it.

We may not like gardening, but I do love having a good amount of food put away for winter, so hopefully we can manage to stumble our way through it, and come out having grown enough food to give us some extra goodies for a year or two. Only time will tell if it's going to give us anything this year. I know we talked to several people around here last year who said their garden wasn't doing as well as usual, and they were much better gardeners then we maybe it wasn't totally us, maybe we can actually grow a garden one of these years and have it produce well for us. It's all in God's hands now. :)

I'm sure I'll share photos if we start getting a lot of produce from our garden...if you don't see any later in the summer, you can just assume it didn't go to well. *giggle*


  1. Your garden is beautiful and I can't wait to see photos of it growing and growing. I'd love to be able to put in a garden but the place we rent doesn't leave much room for one. "someday" one is on my list. : )

  2. I like to plant/weed flower gardens, but veggie gardens hold no interest for me. Maybe it's because I'm such a picky eater. *lol*

    Yours looks great!!!


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