Monday, September 19, 2011


New Kittens

Sugar (our "pretty" kitty) had kittens this weekend! We were having trouble keeping cats around...but this summer seems to have produced an over abundance of cats around the place, between her having kittens and my Dad giving us some.

Course with winter coming, who knows what will happen to our cat's the hardest season on them around here it seems, cause ours seem to be a little on the stupid side usually. LOL Between being squished by cows, freezing to death because they are to stupid to get down in the hay, or wandering so the wild animals get them, we've just not had to many once winter was over in other years.

Now with 6 new babies to watch grow up, we may have to find homes for a few of the older cats we will see how things go. I just wish Sugar would give us some calico kittens, that's what I keep dreaming of, since I love them so much...but so far we haven't gotten a good one from her. *sigh*

Anyway, Sugar had the kittens down in a hole in our pile of hay bales. It was kinda neat to see their home, and meet the sweet little ones. We will see how they do with all the other cats around. One of her last litter is still a "momma's" boy, and loves to hang around trying to nurse this may be a rude awaking for him, as she hopefully won't want him around now that she has tiny ones again. LOL

Visit from Brother

"Momma's boy" did try to crawl up and go in with her, but while I didn't hear her hiss at him, (I may have been to far away) he did back off and not actually crawl into the maybe she will finally kick him out of the nest. LOL We can hope anyway. :)

That's the top farm news of the weekend...nothing major, but always nice to have new babies of almost any kind around. :-))


  1. Look at that little orange nose! Too cute and perfect for Fall! Looks like Momma knows how to keep the kids in check. Hopefully - there won't be too much fussing!

  2. Awww! I love new baby kittens!! ... But I wouldn't let them outside, for fear something would happen to them. *lol*


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