Thursday, October 20, 2011

A goat "fix"...

Missouri Sunrise

While enjoying the beautiful sunrises over at my parents house this last weekend, I also got to watch their goats a little.

I didn't get out to watch them much, but just seeing them out in the pasture or in the barnyard was nice. Made me miss our goats a little bit...but I know it's for the best that we got rid of them for now so I'm ok with it. I'm sure if all goes well, in a few years we will have more! :-))

A Goat Fix

I may be ok with not having any right now of our own...but couldn't resist snapping a photo of one or two of theirs, goats are just so cute...and interesting...and fun, and they stood watching me watch the sunrise, wondering what in the world I was doing. LOL

Guess they take those beautiful Missouri Sunrises for granted...silly goats. :-))


  1. I'm glad you got a little goat fix in. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful, Deb!!! Glad y'all got a chance to escape and have family time while enjoying a nice break!


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