Sunday, October 16, 2011

Niece's Engagement Photos

Engagement photos

We came over to my parents for a fun weekend getaway this weekend. We wanted to come to the Missouri Day fest they always have here, and then my beautiful niece wanted me to get some engagement photos for her.

After we had some fun at the fest, and spent way to much money...we came back to my parents house, and Kali and Nathan got ready to go out looking for good spots around the countryside to get some photos. Poor Nathan wasn't real fond of the whole photo taking process, but he was a good sport about it anyway.

Engagement photos

I'll post some of my favorites here on this post, but there are a bunch more on flicker. I took a bunch, but we did manage to narrow it down to 63...yes that's STILL way to many keepers, but hopefully she will be able to narrow it down from those as to what she wants to use for the paper announcement and to hang on her wall. (I think my favorite is the first one on this post...although I really like several other ones too.)

Engagement photos

Course we had a little trouble with the sun on these photos too...trying to come up with a shady spot, where we wanted to get some was hard, especially around this old barn...there were a bunch of weeds on the other sides of it, so had to deal with the bright sunshine on the one side. But we got a couple nice ones, even if it was bright.

Engagement photos

Kali had done some "research" so had some ideas of what she wanted...which made it better, cause I can never think of different things to do. I like the old country road in the background of this, with the fall leaves beside it...even if the peak color has already passed around here too.

Engagement photos

It was nice to spend a little time with the two of them, and get to know Nathan a little better, while I made them pose this way and that way for photos. Course Kali was really into it...I have her trained well...but with Nathan being a new member of our family, I didn't know how he would take it. Thankfully he was good about it, and maybe even had a little bit of fun, climbing around on the hay bales. LOL

Engagement photos

It was fun getting the photos, and having some of them turn out better than I had thought they might. Just goes to show, I am an outdoor photographer, not an inside one, cause these turned out way better than when I tried to get some of her at her inside LPN graduation. Just wish she wanted an outside wedding...cause then I'd feel like I might end up with something good from it too. *giggle* Thankfully I won't be the "photographer" there, so she should get something worth while...even if it's not from me. :-))

The fun continues here today, with a 50th wedding anniversary party of some friends...thankfully we have some friends back home, who agreed to take care of milking our cows so we could stay for longer than one night. I'm sure they wouldn't want to do it all the time, but once in a while it's nice to be able to get away. God has been so good at finding us help, when we've needed it this year! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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  1. AMAZING photos!!! I love the one of just their hands. :)

    I think you did a great job! I checked out the ones on Flickr too, and loved them all! :)


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