Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Non slip cutting board tip

Non slip cutting boards

Do you have trouble with your cutting board sliding around your counter top as you use it? I sure do, especially when we are butchering, and I always hated that!

Several months ago, I purchased some shelf liner called easy liner. I was so tired of my cutting boards slip sliding around my counter top, just because I was trying to move whatever I was cutting on them, so I had to try something to stop the problem.

EZ Liner

This is the shelf liner, that looks like a whole bunch of little tiny pillows sewn together. It's kinda soft, but "grips" the shelf (and whatever you put on it), so it won't slide around as easy.

I used a piece under my cutting board when we processed the deer we have gotten this week, and I didn't have any trouble at all with my board trying to slide off the counter when I would move a big piece of meat around on it. In the past, especially when I was trying to take meat off the bone, I would have trouble with my board wanting to end up on the floor, as I tried to wrestle with the leg bone to get it turned the way I wanted it.

Not a problem now, with this easy fix, using the "easy liner"! DH didn't have to use any under his board yet, but if his starts giving him trouble, I've got the roll handy, so we can put a stop to his board slip sliding away too. :-))

We really think having these new boards and having them not move around on us, like they have in the past has really helped save a little time when we are processing the deer! They have made a tedious chore less aggravating, which is always a good thing. :)

To use the liner, just cut a piece off the roll, and lay it on the counter, then put the board on top of it. It doesn't need to be the same exact size as the cutting board either, it can be a little smaller and still work.

Full disclosure: "easy liner" doesn't know me from Adam...or ummm Eve...this isn't a paid's just a quick tip I discovered, and thought I'd pass on in case you have the same problem I had, and haven't thought to try this.

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  1. I've used that kind of shelf liner before (in our trailer). It's a good idea to use it under the cutting boards... Which I covet, by the way. ;)


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