Friday, January 20, 2012

The big Five O

Happy Birthday Galen!

My hubby will be turning 50 on Sunday. This photo is one I took yesterday with him wearing a shirt my parents sent him for his birthday. He's been wanting a "Farmall" shirt kinda like his Dad had years ago, when his Dad worked for Farmall in the 60's before he died, so finally someone (my parents) took pity on him and got him one. LOL

It's hard to believe Hubby will be 50 this year...course it's hard to believe it's already Friday...this week went by FAST, and I have no blog posts to show for it! LOL

Anyway, we had a Dr appointment on Wed, for a "back" checkup for hubby, and got good news! DH's back is starting to fuse together now, AND...he can lift whatever, as long as it doesn't hurt his back!!! He was just told, if it hurts, don't do it, otherwise go for it! :-))

Course, he is still mending, and still can't lift as much as he used to yet...but he is also getting better daily I think. Just a week or so ago he came to me all excited, cause he could put his jeans on standing up, without leaning on the wall! I told him, dang, I can't even manage that...I'm not graceful he is doing better than I am! (I think I'd end up falling on my face if I tried to do it myself. *giggle*)

Actually he had been able to do one leg into his jeans for a little while, without leaning...but not the other, so he was really happy to see yet another improvement, even now 5 and a half months after his surgery. :-))

I'm so glad he is doing so well, it's just such an improvement from before surgery...actually from several YEARS before surgery! God willing he will continue to improve and enjoy life more in the years ahead!

Happy (early) Birthday to the love of my life!! I LOVE you Galen and consider myself the luckiest woman alive to be spending my life with you!! :-))


  1. Yayyy 'n Yayyy!! Wow! Happy Birthday to your Hubs! Great to hear he's doing so well! I'm almost jealous! LOL

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Everybody tells Deb that....8^)

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby!!!! Hope it was a great birthday. :)


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