Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Beauty is Born

Snowflake's calf!

Snowflake had her calf last night!!  DH went out to milk this morning and found it in the pasture.  He called and had me come out...didn't bother telling me why, so I didn't take my camera, but you can bet I came back in, in a hurry to get it once I found out we had one!!  LOL

She is such a beauty!!  We thought her Mom might have some Guernsey in her, cause of the white spot she has on her back...but we didn't expect it to show up in her calf THIS much!!  We LOVE it!!!  Wow, all that white, with the little bit of brown is so pretty!

Snowflake's calf!

We are so excited to have one that is even prettier than Lily was, least she is to us...cause we love all that white.  What a gift from God, after we lost Lily this spring.  Hopefully this little one will grow up to be a great milk cow, and be a good addition to our herd.  :)

She already has several Moms.  I saw Honey licking her this morning, and Daisy had already bonded with her this morning when we found them, we shoved her and the other girls out of that pasture, leaving the baby with her actual Mom, so we could make sure she got that colostrum she needs, but Daisy was NOT happy about that, and I guess there was a lot of kicking and screaming going on during milking this morning...and not just by Daisy, although she did her fair share.  LOL

Sadly we are going to have to get rid of a couple of our cows, cause of moving...and Snowflake is one who will be going, so she will have to leave her baby behind, cause we aren't about to give up this one, not with her coloring.  She will be Honey's replacement in a couple years I think.  Snowflake hasn't been trainable, least not by us...so she is the one to go now, instead of Honey.  We would have kept her, since she is younger, but don't have the time to fight her to get her milked...or heck, to even get her into the barn, so...one of these days she will hopefully be going to a new home.  Hopefully someone who is a little more experienced with cows, who can get her trained right.

Speaking of Snowflake...her eye is still swollen, and draining, but it doesn't seem to be slowing her down any.  Hopefully it will get better soon, but can't expect it to be better overnight, not with what she had in it the other day.  The vet doesn't seem worried, so I'm not.  :)

Thankfully, we have two other cows who will be more than happy to mother this new little one, if we do get her Mom sold.  Course Daisy really should be drying herself up soon, but I have the feeling we may have trouble getting her to do that with how crazy she was this morning when we took her away from the baby.  She should be having her own baby at the end of July, or into August...but...guess we will see how it goes.  She may not let us dry her up, with this new little one she is adamant about adopting.  Odd how Daisy wasn't THIS adamant about adopting Trinity.  Maybe she prefers the little girls...cause this is like she was when Mabel had Clover.  LOL

Snowflake's calf!

Anyway just had to share our wonderful news...that we have a new calf!  A BEAUTIFUL new little girl!!  SO glad Snowflake had her, before we tried selling her!  God is so good to us!


  1. Ohhh, my goodness!!! Deb, she's sooooo cute!!! That face! Gorgeous markings! Congratulations!!

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Snowflakes make Snowdrifts.


  3. She is a pretty little calf! Glad she wasn't harmed in the previous struggle!


  4. Anonymous5:52 PM



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