Thursday, July 19, 2012

A helping hand.

Working on the tractor

This is my brother, hubby and our new nephew (in-law) working on trying to get DH's new loader fixed so it would hook up to his "new" tractor this last weekend. My brother is the one standing closest to the camera.

He's helped us out several times already, since we moved, even driving a couple hours to pick up Galen and his loaded trailer, when the truck broke down on one of the trips back from Nebraska.

He is always busy working (he installs carpet and things for Lowes) and we haven't seen him LOTS since we moved but have a few times. However, when the chips are down, I know I can count on him to help me out of a jam if it's in his power to do so...we only know a few people like that, my parents being two others.

Last night, hubby was finishing hooking up my dishwasher, and with it involving plumbing I knew we were in trouble...cause he HATES plumbing with a passion. Something always seems to go wrong when it comes to him having to work on it to. Plumbing just hates him...and shows it.

I'm not sure what I was thinking, having him finish it up, when it would be too late to run to the store if he needed something...all I was thinking at the time, was it's only a little something, it shouldn't take to long, and that way I can FINALLY have a dishwasher again!

No more washing all of the dishes by hand! I have always HATED washing dishes...but have to some of them, like my cast iron pans, cause they can't be put in the dishwasher...but when I can, I'm lazy, and prefer to use the dishwasher for most of our dirty dishes.

Silly me...I should have known it might not be a good idea.

Hubby was having trouble, and things seemed to be going wrong last night, least from what I could tell...and then my brother walked in. He's used to working on plumbing, and installing dishwashers. Plumbing doesn't HATE him, like it does DH...he walked in, and started helping, and things smoothed out, and between the two of them, they finished up getting my dishwasher working!

Praise God for sending help just when we needed it. I didn't know he was coming over (although DH told me I guess, that he might...I just didn't hear him LOL)...but he showed up, in the nick of time! I have no doubt my hubby would have eventually gotten it done cause he's good at what he does, even if he doesn't like doing it...but it went a lot smoother with my brother's help.

Sadly, this didn't make my hubby any more happy with plumbing...cause as usual, something always happens to make him hate it even more (if that's possible). LOL Least he had a little help this time around, and it got done...once again.

Now I just gotta get some photos of my new bar area, so I can show off my kitchen...will see if I can get that done, I did some canning today for my Mom, and am going to some Amish stores with my Mom tomorrow...but....I'll try to do a kitchen post soon! That new bar really made my kitchen a LOT better...still not as big as I'd like, but oh so much better! :-))

Oh...and the dishwasher is much quieter than my last one!! :-))


  1. Did I mention - I HATE plumbing....?

    1. Ahhh, yeah, I think I have heard that a few times...just a few though! (few thousand! LOL)

  2. Glad your brother was there to help... Joe's not allowed to do anything with either the plumbing or anything electric. My BIL has forbid it, since he is tired of fixing all Joe's work! *rofl* ... Gene just comes over and does it for us. :D


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