Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home canned tomato soup

Fresh canned tomato soup

My Mom came over today, with a five gallon bucket of tomato's from their garden, and we made tomato soup out of them. We were both a little surprised with how much we got out of that bucket, (27 pints) but happy to have that much already. Hopefully their tomato's keep doing that well...or better, so we can get some more things canned over the next few weeks!

It was nice doing it together, so I didn't have to either do it myself...or have DH help me get the tomato's cut up and pushed through my food's the easy kind, but still work to do yourself. Course it was nice having my mother here to talk to while the canner did it's thing too. It's been so nice to be closer to her here in Missouri. :-))

It's been so HOT here...which is one reason Mom wanted to can at my house...cause I have window air to cool the kitchen better here where she doesn't LOL...they are saying it should cool down (into the 90's instead of 100's) for the next few days. Sure hope it does, cause these long hot spells we have had lately are getting REAL OLD! LOL It's an unusual summer, to say the least...we will have temps over 100 some in normal years, but not this many days usually. Can't wait till fall!!!


  1. You lucky Dog!!! We just now have cherry tomatoes beginning to turn. But our Roma tomatoes are growing and they look cute!! lol (Let's just hope they stay cute until they're ripe!) We have been lucky enough to get a few jalapeno peppers, already. But it's been so hot that I haven't added fertilizer. So, they're taking their time. It's great to hear the excitement in your posts about being able to do things with your mom! Glad you have family close by now! Looking forward to seeing those photos!

  2. I don't think we've had any days even in the 90s, and only a few in the 80s... It's been cloudy here for the last week or two... But it's supposed to be 90 this Saturday. FINALLY, some summer weather! *lol*

    You're making me want to get some berries and make some jam! :)


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