Monday, July 30, 2012

Peaches...and birthdays.

Peach Pie!

Mom came over again today, and we got some more tomato soup made. She also brought some of the peaches that Dad had picked off their tree so we could try to make a pie out of them, and see how they worked for pie. The peaches were a little hard, and just never seemed to ripen, but something was stealing them off the tree, so Dad finally decided to pick them before they were all gone.

I haven't had my piece of pie yet, but it sure looks yummy...and the peaches softened up nicely in the oven, so I think they will do just fine for pies. They weren't to bad tasting just plain, even if they were a little hard yet. There is still almost a 5 gallon bucket full we have to work on, so will be doing more of that this week!! The peaches are on the small side, but there are plenty to put several pies worth in the freezer!

I guess Dad liked the peach pie I made awhile back...cause he wanted to make sure they got some of their peaches, so he could have some more pie out of them! LOL We will probably be working on more in a couple days...and trying a peach crisp out of them, cause we thought that sounded really yummy too...even though we are rather fond of the pies.

For not having made a fresh peach pie before this year...I'm sure getting some practice in now! Can't complain though...LOVE peaches! :-))


Speaking of loving peaches...I LOVE THIS "Peaches" too!! She just turned two on Saturday...I can't believe she is now two years old. She still acts like a puppy, and is totally adorable yet, and still LOVES to play with her toys. This photo was taken this spring...but she still looks the same, and still LOVES to play as much as she did as a puppy! She still makes me laugh daily too, and brings so much joy to our home. I don't think we've ever had a dachshund that was so in LOVE with LIFE...and took you along for the ride too. :-))


Autumn will be having a birthday in a few days too! She will be 11...which is hard to believe also. She is slowing down a little I think, and while she can still be a little spit fire, not taking any guff from anyone...even the cows, she has leaned to back off a little from time to time if she thinks there are to many animals that can gang up on her. She still loves to sit on my lap....or "dance" with me to the music, and comforts me if I'm upset. She's pretty much still queen bee around here. :-))

We sure got lucky with our two "girls"! They are spoiled rotten...yet are good with in they mind quite well for the most part. Happy birthday girls, you both are so loved!


  1. Mmmm peach pie. Yummo! I am the only one that likes it around here. Delish!!

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Peaches and early wishes for Autumn as well. Such lovely ladies! :)

  2. How are the dogs taking the move? Are they enjoying exploring the new farm? :)

    The pie looks yummy!


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