Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our Two Newest Babies

Slumber Party

DH said our two newest babies had a slumber party last night. LOL The new one, followed Shasta into the barn, when it was time for her to be put up so she couldn't eat off Mom, so DH let her stay in there for the first time since she was born.

I didn't know he did that, so wondered why someone was really unhappy this morning...but as soon as I found out the girls were having a slumber party, I knew it was Clover who was upset and hollering for her baby. Guess she will get used to being without it at night now!

That means, DH milked her a little bit before letting her have her baby back...we don't plan on milking her out completely, since it's her first calf, we want to make sure she has plenty of milk for her baby...but will take some, and work up to hopefully more.

DH also informed me he almost likes the new one better than Shasta...I can see trouble coming now, as we try and decide who to keep, and who not to. I want to keep Shasta, cause I like her coloring better...and she IS my favorite cows baby, so we have a replacement for her...but yet...DH IS the one who takes care of them the most, so...*sigh* Yep....trouble. Wish we could keep both, but I don't see how we could with not having as much land now. :(

We STILL have trouble with wanting to many cows...may have stopped buying them, but having the babies turn out to be girls is NOT working out to well...since we want to keep them all! LOL Boys are no problem, as we eat them...but hate to do that to the girls, since they should make someone a good family milk cow one day. *sigh* I think we need to have someone come offer to buy one...or trade two steers for one heifer, then maybe we'd be able to decide to get rid of one. Hopefully Honey has a boy so we don't have this trouble with hers!

In other news, so far my parents have had 3 deer (although two were small...so it's more like two deer) given to them! We've helped them get the meat cut up and put away, and walked away with some of the meat too! Hoping we get more, since we were used to getting 6 in Nebraska, we've gotten used to having plenty of meat to eat. Course, it's kinda funny how they have gotten several this year, when other years they had trouble getting even one...guess God knew they needed more with us here needing it too! Praise God for the free deer meat! :-))

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  1. I would have a hard time giving them away too. I get attached. :)



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