Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cookie Monster

Yesterday I baked a few of my favorite cookies...I call them "Death by Chocolate". I gave a few to one of our Amish neighbor's, who just had a baby yesterday morning...more on THAT story and our 2 am wake up call on my hubbies blog here.

I also put a few in a bag, that I was going to give to my niece...but she wasn't home when we drove we brought them back home to give to her later.

I've looked all over the place, more than once today, and Hubby has too...and that bag is no where to be found! *sigh* I think we had a silent cookie monster show up here and walk off with them. I hate it when I have "proof" like this, that I'm loosing my mind! LOL

So...I'll just grab a few out of the freezer next time we go to my nieces...that is if there are any left, by the time we do. LOL I just would like to know what happened to them...and WHY things like to disappear on me from time to time, so I can't find them. I know, I know...I'm just getting old, what can I say! LOL

Anyway, no photo for today, haven't taken any photos, cause I've been to busy! LOL Gotta get off here now and get back to it! Just had to complain about the cookie monster...and no I don't think it was my hubby, I think I just misplaced usual. *giggle*

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  1. I've always called Joe my cookie monster... Wonder if he is prowling around your house?! *lol*


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