Monday, February 18, 2013

What a REAL flock of Geese looks like!

Real or Fake Geese?

*giggle* Yep, on our way home from my parents yesterday, we saw what looked like a REAL flock of snow geese down on the bottoms. Course, we didn't actually try and creep up on them to check...I leaned my lesson LAST time...but had to get a photo anyway, just for grins.

If you don't remember the story of our "LAST" encounter with geese, go read about our wild goose chase here! We STILL laugh about that one. :-))

Course obviously so do Mom and Dad, cause they called us up this afternoon, saying they saw them down close to where they are now...and they were REAL! *snicker* of those funny stories we will NEVER live down...but then it WAS a good one. :-))

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  1. LMBO! I remember that! The guys over at Duck Dynasty should hear THAT one!


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