Monday, April 08, 2013

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time

Pearl loves coming to get her carrots...but she also loves her grain! She will keep the cows away from her "dish", so we don't have to worry about standing there guarding it, like we've had to do sometimes with other animals. I've even seen her running to chase them away, when there wasn't anything in it...and even when it wasn't "her" dish, she just thought it was.


Hubby gives her oats, but he also puts some Redmond mineral on it, as well as some kelp, raw apple cider vinegar and a little bit of Diatomaceous earth. We've been feeding all those extra's to the cows for a while now, and it seems to help them, and from what we've been able to read it can help horses too. You may think the vinegar would be a turn off for them, but DH actually said that he forgot once to put it on Pearl's oats, and she didn't eat her grain near as well without it, so she really likes having it on there.

Her ribs are still visible, but she has gotten fatter than she was when we got her. I really don't know how FAT they should be, but figure she still has a little ways to go, before she is back in the shape she should be in. It is however, good to see her doing better!

We also haven't seen her cribbing, since shortly after bringing her home...not sure if we've just missed it, or if the care and better food has helped stop it, but if she IS doing it, it's not all that much.

She is holding herself lots better now, although these two photos don't really show it, cause she was eating in the one...and walking downhill towards her food in the other but I look out the window and see her with her head up way more than when we first brought her home. The more confident or proud look really looks good on her! :-))

DH has been collecting parts for building a buggy, so she can get a workout in now and then.  My brother gave him some Dad some wood and a few other parts, and just this last week, he found some other old parts at one of the Amish places around here.  He thinks he almost has enough for the buggy...just has to rebuild it all.  Course we still have to get the harness...but we have a bit of time to save for that, cause the buggy will take some work to get it all rebuilt.

In time though, Pearl will get to get back out on the road like she would like to do...I think she likes feeling useful.  Who doesn't.  For now, she has taken to helping DH corral the steers, she has done it more than once, but DH wrote about the first time on his blog here.  I think she just may be a nice addition to this hillbilly farm after all!  :-))


  1. I think lots of love is having most of the impact on this girl! She seems to feel her future is bright, once again!

  2. Sounds like she is getting lots of love and care, and any animal (and human) will bloom when that happens. :)


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