Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Buggy ride with Pearl

Once Pearl was all hooked up to the buggy I opened the barnyard gate, and they were off! Pearl pranced down the driveway in front of that cart...she was so pretty!

They took her out and around past John's house (where Pearl used to live before we got her and John bought the place) and DH said it looked like she was waiting to pull into her old driveway...she must have remembered it.

They turned around at one of our other neighbor's farm, and that neighbor said she was looking better than the last time he saw her. DH drove on the way back, and there is a big hill he had to drive down...so John told him how it was done, so they didn't get to moving to fast down the hill. They drove up past our drive, then turned around and came back home.

It seems like it was a long drive, for Pearl's first time out in 6 months, but DH said John said she could have gone further. I think she needs to build up slowly though, cause she looked tired when she got home...and was lathered up a bit.

DH thinks she enjoyed herself, but she was also happy to get back out to the pasture. She rolled around scratching her back a bit once she was free.

I'm going to wait till DH knows more about what he is doing I think before I take a buggy ride, I'd rather be a little more sure she isn't going to take off running or something, before I climb onto the buggy.  LOL  Yes I'm a chicken, what can I say.

It's so nice our Amish neighbor's are so willing to help us out, and teach us things!  Hubby was sure happy that night after the ride, he had a LOT of fun!  :-))


  1. Kainsley wants a buggy ride :))

  2. That is so awesome! I want a buggy ride! :D



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