Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mean Mamma!

I went outside with the dogs this afternoon, to see what hubby was doing. The dogs were ahead of me, and we were walking down the front steps when Peaches gets almost to the bottom and gets attacked! This big mean white monster pop's up over the last few steps and attacks her for no reason at all. She's not fond of chickens, and this sure didn't help matters out! LOL She went yipping back up the steps till she was behind me as I laughed at her. Yep...guess I was mean too.

Then, the chicken turns her attention to Autumn, who had already reached the ground. The hen attacks her, and Autumn attacks back, like she usually does...although maybe not quite as aggressively as she used to cause she's getting old and showing her age more now.

The chicken didn't back down though, and even though Autumn was able to beat her back a little bit the first round, the chicken came back for more and got my poor Autumn down on her back. Now don't get me wrong, she was STILL snapping back trying to fight the chicken, even though she was on her back, but I had to stop chuckling at the spectacle long enough to continue down the steps and chase the chicken away before Autumn got hurt.

Poor old girl...she really is getting old, when a chicken almost gets the best of her! She still has a little fight left in her though!

It seems this "mean" chicken was right around the corner from the steps, with her two baby chicks when we decided to come outside...and she doesn't like ANYTHING around her they dogs, cats, cows or other chickens.

 DH said he saw her take on a cow earlier today, cause they were within 5 feet of her babies just minding their own business eating grass. She also took on Yani when I was outside, claws all up in her face and everything...and she is a BIG dog!

Guess that's how this Mamma hen can raise up chicks and have them roam around with her without us putting them in the "brooder house".  She may be mean...but that's a good thing when she has chicks!

There seems to always be something to make ya laugh, when you live on a farm with animals! (Or maybe this just goes to prove how easily entertained I am!  LOL)  Guess that's why I LOVE living on our farm so much...even if I was kinda mean when I laughed at my fur babies misfortune.  Least they didn't get hurt...other than their pride...and Peaches fear of most all animals was reinforced!  LOL  No problem with Peaches wanting to spend a LOT of time outside...she is usually ready to come in before I am! *giggle*


  1. Funny how they tend to think they get to claim the entire farm is theirs when those babies show up! LOL

  2. That's one protective Mama! ... But that can be a good thing. :)


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