Friday, August 23, 2013

Something I bet you never thought you would see in MY house!

For those of you who know us well...the above photo is something I bet you never thought you would see in our house! they are. Yes they REALLY ARE green beans!

No we didn't plant them, they aren't from OUR garden...we haven't lost it THAT much. LOL

Yes, I am actually planning on making something with some of them.



Are you ok? Can I help you up? Sorry, I should have made sure you were prepared to hear that one!

Yes, I really said I was planning on making something with them.

For those of you who don't know us well...we really DON'T like green beans! Hence the above imagined (one sided) conversation with someone who really does know us well. *giggle*

Hubby brought these home from one of our neighbor's...frankly I would have told them we hated green beans, BUT...maybe that's rude??  Or....maybe he just figured my parents would eat them?  Whatever the case, I decided to keep a few to try fermenting, as I've heard of doing that and am trying to delve a little more into fermenting the more things I have to try, the better, even if usually we don't like them.

I can tolerate fresh raw green beans....and if I HAD to eat cooked, fresh from the garden ones are about the ONLY way you would get me to eat them, so...who knows, maybe fermented green beans will be editable.  We will see!

This is however, proof, for anyone who is wanting some, that we have gone insane...lost our marbles...gone around the bend.  Yep...we have green beans in our house!  *gasp*


  1. LOL After the bathtub loads I kept harvesting a couple years ago... I can totally relate. I'm just twisted. But we're down to only 1 raised bed. I guess I never should have started giving those as treats to the pups.

  2. I hate green beans too! lol


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