Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Color of Autumn in Missouri

Autumn Color in Missouri.

The fall color may not be quite as good as it was last year, but there are still spots of beautiful fall color out there! Some of the trees in some spots just turned brown with the first big frost...but not all of them!  A lot of places that didn't just turn brown are now actually more rust colored, but there are still some yellows and reds out there if you know where to look...and these photo's were taken a few days ago, before so much of the color went to rust.  Either way, it's a beautiful Autumn in North Missouri!

Autumn Color in Missouri.

I sure do LOVE seeing the fall color in this state! Don't get me wrong, there was fall color in Nebraska too, and it was pretty...but there just seems to be more variety in the trees here, which gets more colors! It's all in what you grew up with I think...and I grew up with this, so it's what I love the best!

Autumn Color in Missouri.

No matter where I am though, I've always loved this time of year! This is one of my favorite area's around here to drive by...it's on the back road to my parents place and is just beautiful! There is also a spot on the road north of us that I love to see, but I didn't manage to get photo's of it this year...it keeps raining and being cloudy on the times when hubby and I could find time to go for a drive...so haven't been up there to get photos since the good color showed up.

My favorite tree on my Dad's place is showing it's color!

Then there is my favorite tree on my Mom and Dad's place! It's showing beautiful color now too!  I didn't get to get a photo of it with the sun shinning on it, but it was still pretty.

I do LOVE this time of year, especially in Missouri!  :-))

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