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If anyone would need to e-mail me for any reason, feel free to do so at dapperdoxie at gmail dot com. (using the @ sign and the . of course) If for any reason, I don't get back to you, try again, just make sure you put something in the subject line that will get my attention, and not make me think its spam. If all else fails post on my blog, to be looking for an e-mail with the subject of.... and if I am home, I will at least not delete it if I do get it...or look more quickly in my spam folder if I don't. LOL

Again my e-mail is: dapperdoxie at gmail dot com.


  1. How do u make the links at the top of the page that takes you to other blogs? Thx

  2. Hey! i have missed you - i thought i had let you know when you closed your own site that i wanted to still get your emails, but i lost you - i finally figured out how this Yahoo groups thingy works - so i've been perusing and catching up with you.
    Looks like things are going well - i'm glad to have figured this out so i can keep up you and the animals!

  3. Oh wow! i was just thinking about you the other day! You moved? Are you still farming? Did you move far from where you were? My goodness! i've missed you!!!

    1. I sent you an e-mail to the address I saw in the blush-n-dusty group...hopefully you get this one, as I sent you one before we moved that I don't think you got! :-))


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