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Yahoo Group

I have a yahoo group that all my blog posts go through for those who would rather read them in an e-mail (just switched to yahoo cause google is making changes to their groups...so if you are in my google group please switch as I'll be stopping sending messages through the google group after a little while). So if you would like to recieve my posts in you're inbox...feel free to join the group. That is the only thing that goes through the group, I don't have it set up so everyone can chat back and forth, but if you hit reply to a post that goes though it should send a reply back to me!

Join the Yahoo group HERE!

If you want to stop recieving the blog post e-mails you have to sign into your yahoo account and then go to the group and edit your membership there, to unsubscribe. I don't have access to your google account, but can unsubscribe you if you let me know what e-mail address you used to join the group. If you give me the wrong e-mail I can't help you. Sorry!

***Another way to never miss a post is to use google reader. I have a personal google page (think they call it iGoogle) as my homepage, and have google reader right on that page, so I always know when there is a new post to my favorite blogs or rss feeds. I love this way of keeping up with different blogs...as it saves me time, so I don't have to check them all every day. :)

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