Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Furry Friends Stories

I would love to have you leave any stories (funny or sad) about your furry friends as a comment in this post! I love hearing about your dogs! If you find for some reason you can't comment feel free to e-mail me your story and I will post it here myself. Please put "The Dapper Doxie Blog" in the subject line of the e-mail so I know it is for here!

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  1. From Steve and Catherine in Alabama

    A few mornings ago my wife and daughter were going through their regular morning routine of getting ready for work/school. My wife was preparing breakfast and walked over to the refrigerator to get something out and noticed out of the corner of her eye two (Millie the oldest and Pixie Doodle the youngest) of the three mini-doxies we have staring at the wall with tails wagging. She looked over to see what they could be staring at with such concentration. That's when she noticed LuLu, the middle girl, had climbed up the little, three step kitchen ladder and was attempting to nudge the fire hydrant treat jar to the edge of the counter for her sisters below who, by the way, were giving her plenty of encouragement. We have since moved some things around!


    We live on a farm, and this summer had corn planted practically outside the back door. We'd also been feasting on sweet corn and my husband would throw the used cobs out in the field. I kept telling him Heidi, our mini red dachshund would get into them. No, he didn't agree. A few days later I let her outside to do her business but she didn't show up at the back door. My daughter and I called her and walked down to the road and around the corn field, calling until our voices were about hoarse. I was frantic so I told my daughter to keep looking and calling.

    Get this, this hound, who LOVES cheese or any food wouldn't even come when I took a cheese bag outside and rattled it! So I took off in the car, luckily found hubby on the road, flagged him down and made him come home. This was just a couple miles away. By the time I got there, a very waddly, stuffed-looking Heidi was in my daughter's arms looking pretty pleased with all that corn she ate. Like all good dachsies, what goes down, well not to be gross but you get the picture. Guess what job hubby got all that evening?

    --Tari Hann


    From Laura in Missouri-

    My granddaughter?s (Kali) dog Jasmine has an inseparable relationship with her. When we first got her she whined when my daughter asked to hold her at the kennel. She also whined on the way home until my granddaughter took her back from my daughter. She would not leave my granddaughter for anything. When we stopped at the grocery store in Princeton Mo to get some dog food, my granddaughter put her in the box that the breeder had given us for her and my daughter and granddaughter went into the store, while they were in there, jasmine whined and whined. I finally broke down and picked her up until they got back. Jasmine and my granddaughter have been together every since, and Jasmine is now 3. Jasmine and my granddaughter go on the semi truck every summer with me and my husband, and also on other vacations. We love her a lot and she is a big part of our family. She is one of our very best friends. She is always there for us, no matter what.


    From Sue in Georgia-

    Being a long haired red Doxie, my name is Fireball, and I am quite beautiful and entertaining! I love to sing with my Aunt ? she gets me started and we make a perfect duet ? until Uncle Ken comes in the house and objects to our music! He then has to give me a peanut butter treat to shut me up!


    From Trish in Georgia-

    I have two dachshunds. Barney Fife is two years older than Lucy Ricardo. When Lucy was a tiny puppy, she would get toilet paper from the roll in the bathroom and drag it into the bedroom where Barney was resting. She would then cover him with toilet paper! He looked like a little mummy. It was very cute.


    From Jacqueline in Ontario Canada-

    My Dalmatian/Staffordshire terrier, Starr knows when she?s done something wrong and is in trouble and she attempts to smile to get herself out of it?it?s the most hilarious thing to see her rolling her lips up over her teeth trying to do it!


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