Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well the goats finally got out into the pasture today!!!! Still have gates to finish but they are blocked off so they can't get out of them. It was so funny when we put them out there, the moms went after the fresh green grass like they were starving, and the kids ran around, and hopped and jumped and just had a good ol time! They raced around and learned what space was like! I loved watching them cause they wern't used to so much space and they loved it!! Especially the two younger ones, but the other were enjoying themselves too. DH was working on getting the tin on the roof this afternoon, so hopefully before it rains it will be dryer inside for them!! LOL They don't like the wet so hopefully tomorrow it can get mostly water proof.

Me being the chicken that I am (don't like heights) was inside on my computer! LOL I am working on organizing my fonts, now that I have most things back on my computer (just have to install a couple more things) I found a font organizer so thougth I should use it instead of installing so many fonts I don't (I am just starting the D's after working on it alot today), think it will be taking me a long time to finish! I can't wait to get it done, cause it will be nice to say, hmmm I want some handwritting fonts, and go temp. install them! and not have to use the same ones over and over! (maybe!! LOL) Anyway, hopefully I can finish that in the next week or so, but since I am just now on D, I don't know if thats possible. Guess I shouldn't be so greedy and want all that I find!! LOL Maybe it will be easier after this if I keep it up!

I have been sitting here this evening working on finishing the C's and listening to the frogs! My office window is open and they are singing to me. Along with John Denver. I can hear them over my music!! Just love it!!! It was a really nice day today! If you were out working it was actually kinda warm (to us anyway, especially to my DH) but all in all a really pretty day!!

Hope you all have a great night! I have a letter to go write so I better get at it, while I enjoy the spring night sounds comming in my window!

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