Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm making a small kit finally!

Ok, just when I was thinking I wasn't going to be making anything again this month, I spend part of today working on a kit. Yes I should have been working on other things, but I didn't. So I decieded since I am almost done with it, to post it on my birthday. So be watching for it!! It will be my birthday present to you! I don't know if I will have it be available for a long time or just for a short time, it will probably depend on if I get many comments on it. (They can even be comments of how I could make it better!!) Anyway I just thought I would let you know I will be posting something else finally this month sometime. If I get time I hope to do a tiny thing for mothers day to, but it will prob just be a couple of emblishments and some wordart (if I can get any to look right!). BTW my birthday is the 19th, just so you know when to look for it! Oh and its very girly! Pastels of my favorite colors, oh and some silver elements too cause I love silver stuff. So hope you like it! I better get off here, its after 10 and I am really tired! Have a great night/day!!

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